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We can play far better than that but we still very much deserved the win. Long throws from Gibbs? The German John Lacy being desperately thrown forward for the last ten minutes ready for the hoof from the back? The keeper going up for an injury time corner? Who is this shadow of a load of shite we played today? When did Tony Pulis take charge at the library?

Despite not taking our best chances and some questionable Redknapp tactics that involved handing the midfield to them for most of the game we still took three comfortable points. Ramsey scored and the bizarrely balding Gervinho shinned wide but that was the beginning and the end of their attempts on goal worth mentioning. Walcott’s two first half efforts were speculative but were only jogs to the memory that he was still on the field. Parker, Bale and Adebayor missed the best openings we created, all of which should have been taken but Van der Vaart and Walker made up for them with two quality strikes, the second one of which was a thunderbolt that the keeper should’ve got behind.

Wenger’s post match interviews betrayed again how detached he is from reality. A game they should’ve won? What? As well as the clear chances quoted above, Van der Vaart, Bale, Defoe and Adebayor all went close or stretched the keeper. For them? Nothing.

As I said we can play far better. Harry’s plan of allowing them superiority in numbers in the middle for the majority of the game and hoping that our extra quality in other positions would come through ultimately worked but Sandro’s appearance after an hour was key. It’s great to have him back, he is quality and he and Parker helped bring the game to a better than comfortable close.

Redknapp’s got some work to do to try to fit all the pieces of the attacking jigsaw together. Modric can do better than he did today and should play. Van der Vaart changes games but was a defensive liability during the ten minutes when Arsenal were properly dangerous. Defoe’s effort was laudable and he was only a fingertip save from the third goal whilst Adebayor and Bale were quiet, but still nearly nicked at least one goal apiece. The full backs and Kaboul and King were excellent whilst Parker was a cool and professional head in the middle, especially given the lack of support he was getting for most of the game. Harry waited far too long to change things in midfield.

There was a distinct lack of replica shirts in the away end, there was an even bigger lack of support ready to show their appreciation at the player’s efforts at the final whistle. Maybe the last train to Maidstone goes early on a Sunday or maybe there’s a realisation that project Wenger is about to hit the buffers.

North London is ours.

A week off and then Newcastle; it’ll make a change playing a team who know how to defend. COYS.


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