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The commentary on BBC Radio Gloucestershire was my source for this one, a different perspective and not as biased as you might expect.

Despite the hard work put in by all the Cheltenham players it sounded like the result was never in doubt. Pav’s goal just before half time was the killer, Defoe having already given us the lead, and despite the fact that the away side were much more in the game in the second period, that Cudicini couldn’t find a shot to save and that only one corner was conceded and that not until the 80th minute tells its own story.

The commentators clearly don’t get to see much Premier League football or footballers in the flesh as their commentary was full of observations about stuff we take for granted. The speed of Lennon and Giovani caught them by surprise, the ability to make a dozen passes in a row without losing possession had them in awe, the quality & work rate of Defoe impressed them and the sheer size of Bassong had them astonished; “a man mountain”, “our players have never come across a defender of that size before”. Good job Kaboul wasn’t playing.

Harry also impressed them but more due to his “pencil thin” appearance than anything. Clearly Redknapp’s aiming to cut an impressive figure in court in a fortnight. Livermore’s performance at right-back brought rave reviews, they were very impressed with him, Rose and also Falque.

In front of the biggest crowd ever to see a Cheltenham game the most positive thing they could say about their own side was that they retained their shape and didn’t embarrass themselves in front of the Ruby  army which in itself is a tribute to our team.

Giovani was bright throughout by the sounds of it and after playing a major role in both first half goals he added a late third himself. It’s games like this that make you think that there is a footballer in there trying to get out. You have to remember the level of the opposition though.  Both Dawson and Lennon played for over 80 minutes hopefully without any major reaction which with Everton in mind is great news. More good news from Parker or King would be even more welcome but we’ll have to wait until Wednesday afternoon to find out about that.


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  1. Agree totally with the description of the commentary – very refreshing. Makes a change from arrogant reporters who think they could teach Modric how to pass, and Bale how to run with the ball. In fact it's probably the best commentary I have heard since the interference-infested long-wave broadcasts from far-flung, god-forgotten places such as Manchester.


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