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For everyone apart from Kyle Walker, it’s fair to say that it’s not been a great week. QPR, training ground bust-ups, two defenders out for the remainder and the possible reduction of Moneybags League places down to three all make it hard to keep positive. The meltdown on the pitch appears to be being replicated off it making one start to wonder (in a fearful type way) exactly what sort of team will be running out in lilywhite next August and under whose leadership. If the current downward spiral continues during the last four games then any hopes of attracting suitable replacements for those bound to leave number as few as the active brain cells in John Terry’s head.

Still, one good win would do a lot to lighten the gloom. It’s Blackburn at home on Sunday afternoon, a fixture we wouldn’t have thought twice about a few months ago but with them scrapping against relegation and us fighting against premature impotence in the six yard box, it’s a game that you’d be a fool to make any assumptions about.

Lennon in or Lennon out? If the injury status is the same as last weekend then that’s about the only option that Harry has to left to ponder. It’s a stretched and creaking squad, and if you believe some of the rumours published this week, one that needs an attitude adjustment as well. Rose will come in for Benny, the least traumatised of the fit centre halves will take their place in the middle to accompany the new Young Player of the Year on the right. I’d stick with the five across the middle in two rows personally but it’s anyone’s guess what Redknapp will decide to go with and so much depends on who’s fit of course.

Blackburn are 19th and in deep poo. The revivals of Wigan and QPR mean that those two are three points clear with three games to go and at least one will have to be caught if survival is to be achieved, probably both if Bolton win their game in hand against us next week. Villa are another two points away but sinking fast. The in demand Junior Hoilett has been doing as much as anyone to give Rovers a chance of staying up. He gave Walker a bit of a run around at Ewood Park earlier in the season. Blackburn’s biggest threat that day though was the man mountain Samba, now departed for chillier but more financially rewarding climes. Yakubu will be handful if he’s fit enough to lumber around.

Mike Jones is down to referee.

So it’s more with nerves than optimism that we approach our penultimate home game of the season. We’re teetering on the brink of disaster but ultimate success is still within our grasp. We must win this one though. COYS.


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  1. I would not play four at the back. I think a new formation with some newish personnel would do us the world of good.

    I would play: Friedel; a back three of Gallas, Livermore, King. Wing backs of Walker and Bale (thus hopefully negating their two best players in Hoilett and Pedersen). I would then play Sandro and Parker in the middle, Modric slightly further forward, with VDV and Adebayor up front. Lennon, Rose, Dos Santos and Defiore on the bench offer us options if we need. Esentially 3-5-1-1 but very adaptable. Could go 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 with that personnel.

  2. Spurs have to play three sides al fighting relegation in Blackburn, Bolton and Villa. Normally you'd say three wins, but who is going to want it more?

  3. fuck redknapp just because he should have gone when he decided he was wanted by the finks at the f.a .I was always his supporter but he showed himself to be a fink

  4. Right now its hard to get excited being a Spurs fan and for me reaching 50 years a Spurs fan on my 60th Birthday things could not be worse for my team. We are the most tapped team in the Premiership and every time we win a game out come the tapping noises Bale Modric Walker Harry then say we cant afford Ady wages then he follows this up by saying we cant play our most prolific system Ady and Defoe. All this has a negative affect on our next game and opposition players use this by upping there work rate and i no this has cost us a lot of points since January. This needs stamping out or more and more incidents of players falling ill will increase with this dangerous level of work rate. Chlesea and Bayern both won games with a high energy levels shown in the gaunt face of Meriles Remires and Robynn .I realy thought when i discovered this form of cheating would be stamped out but instead its got worse. This is why when two players in our league got caught they all made excuses and got light bans but what shocked me morewas Ufa who gave even lighter bans 6,000 fine and two games in the champions league to two russiand from the same team. I watched this game and if i showed you the full game you would see the same defending and attacking in all these games i no have had high work rate. The game was Man UTD V Dynamo Moscow and the Russians led 3-0 the game finished 3-3 and was end to end none stopped the Russians blamed colds for having ephedrine in the samples a shocking excuse and one Paddy Kenny also gave for him having the killer drug in his sample. God knows i have tried to stop this and in the four seasons there has been many many players collapsing on the pitch Italy Spain and now England no one can say any of these players where because of this killer tempo and i would not say so myself but it cant be help wondering while i no players are upping there work rate to dangerous levels. I could be talking about Paddy Kenny and Kolo Toure Mutu the Barnet player Cadamateri the two Russians who all failed drug tests for this killer tempo. I need more fans to question why players look gaunt and ill looking and why Wigan and Newcastle can still win no matter how many players are missing there levels of work rate stays the same and shock results happen. These are two examples Newcastle v Swansea Perch and Williams center half’s score 2-0 with 32 percent of the ball the rest defending with a weaker defense. Chelsea 10 men with Boswinga and Ivanivitch center half’s Drogba right back score 2-2 are just fine examples of high energized defending in what i call sponge football soak up the pressure and hit on the break.

  5. When we gave up our strong grip on third place, with what looked like an insurmountable lead, and got dragged into the 'scrap for fourth' there was only going to be one outcome. I thought we had disposed of the old failing hanging over the club as a whole – the bottlers and chokers tag, but it has come back in the most spectacular way yet, this is even worse than what happened at the end of 05/06.

    Let's start looking to August, with new (young) manager, hopefully some new (young) players, without the desperate need to finish fourth, and try to have a good positive season, with no court case or England crap, just all about the beautiful football club that is Tottenham Hotspur.


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