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A change of formation and not one for the better. We were unrecognisable as the same team that despatched Newcastle so easily last weekend and not just in the positions we took up on the pitch.

Nelsen, Dawson and Kaboul provided a solid enough back line restricting the home team to set pieces and long range pot shots but with Danny Rose perhaps  the honourable exception we were shoddy and sloppy going forward. Saha was unlucky not to score and Bale forced a good save from Chris Day but overall it was a ninety minutes to forget as far as us as an attacking force went.

Apart from to mention that during the game Redknapp seemed just as irate as most Spurs fans probably were there’s probably not much more useful that can be said to be honest. Any further description or discussion will just reduce itself into a rant against players who have provided us with such a memorable season so far.

We got away with it as Stevenage weren’t good enough to take advantage of our misshapen and unbalanced set up. We’ve been poor in all the cups so far, we’ll need to take things far more seriously if we’re to come anywhere near justifying our status as favourites for this trophy.

We made it into the hat and as a result know that we’ll face Bolton for a place in the semi-finals should we nick the replay. We need to squeeze an extra fixture in between Man Utd and Everton but that’s a small price to pay.


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  1. I agree on that treacle of a pitch it was difficult to play total football, especially considering Ade, Modric, and BAE were not picked due to injury, I just know that on the beautiful Emirates pitch we will show the Gooners how football should be played.

  2. Lennon came on, and Spurs looked better. With Bale playing some central role, the defence were not preoccupied. Yes we miss Modders when he is out, but besides him, Spurs are about the Wingers occupying the full backs and creating space as a result. It could have worked. It nearly worked. Injuries forced our hand. It does give us a glimpse of life with Modric….where is the creativity coming from? Omit Lennon, and we are struggling.


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