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Well that was very disappointing. Some weak defending against the tree trunks and that oh so tedious long throw got us into a mess we in the end deserved to wriggle out of but didn’t thanks to the inept eccentricities of Chris Foy who first of all gave us a controversial penalty lifeline, then denied two a million times clearer spot kick claims. He compounded this by cutting us off at the knees in sending off Kaboul for two yellow cards, the first of which was given for moaning to Foy about one of the penalty shouts. The ref’s mistake, the player’s the one who misses a game. Great.

There’s no excuse for poor defending and we looked to be second best and on our heels constantly during the first half as Stoke attacked. It’s no surprise that the danger came from the skies, we looked unprepared though, especially Benny who was isolated and made to look vulnerable several times. We went into the break two down.

The team will feel hard done by though after a much better showing following a formation rejig at half time. Foy’s ineffectiveness brought disbelief from the Stoke fans after Luka went down despite initially apparently evading Whelan’s foul challenge. Adebayor casually tucked away the pen but despite the ire of the Britannia it was the away team who were left constantly bawling in the ref’s ear as first Kaboul was mugged by Shawcross (I think – could’ve been Huth) at a corner, the same player then cleared off the line with his arm, whilst Bale and Adebayor looked astonished as appalling decisions were given against us whilst we attacked. Add in Adebayor’s perfectly good disallowed equaliser and to say we were aggrieved is an understatement.

We were poor at the outset and gave ourselves the proverbial mountain to climb. We nearly did it though, thanks to the tactical switch and plenty of good football from Walker, Modric, Parker and Adebayor. The latter two thus suffered their first defeat in a Spurs shirt. Hopefully it’ll be another twelve games before they experience their second.


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  1. i do believe that football is now effected by betting scams.

    Referees are the obvious targets as they do not earn what the players earn, recent decisions for nearly all EPL teams suggest that something is wrong.
    We all know that cricket betting did not alter the match significantly but then these minor things in a game like one penatly, number of corners, first red card (1st or 2nd half). We are seeing bad decisions go for and agianst us so something is up.
    I have watch football over the years and ok we have more replays now but even the last 15 years we have seen a higher level of these errors occur in the last two years.

  2. We will not gain the 3 points lost but we can improve our poor performance as displayed in the first have. This is now becoming a regular practice with recent games.

  3. Thank god somone is questioning the integrity of refs we had Mark Clattenburgs 2ft over the line at Utd . He was later suspended for having 40,000 gambling depts,Chris Foy refereed a match between Villa and Everton then admitted he was a lifelong. Everton Fan. He comes from St Helens near where i live and he favoured Stoke because last season he got called rotten for allowing Crouchies hand ball clearance but before that incident Huth fowled Kaboul and Foy should have given a free kick. We all get decisions during the season but the amount Stoke got smelled doge and he allowed Stoke to play Rugby in defence. Sending Kaboul off proved he had lost the plot because Woodgate should have bean sent off for two fowls he got booked for only one.. But my rage is not confined too the Ref but with Stoke and other teams using energy to supplement there work rate and tempo seeing the Blackburn player holding his chest with his heart beating too fast is not a shock to me and all the sudden deaths and high tempo shocks is another indicator that something is badly wrong in Football. I found out what it was three or four seasons ago and why there was so many sudden deaths and strokes in Football. This i believe could be caused by the killer drug being used called Ephedrine and a few other longer named energy giving drugs being mixed with the new fad energy drinks containing Caffeine this may be a controversial statement but its based on truth and seconded by the then Uk sport testing lady too five mins if a team has topped there tempo up too manic levels where hand ball blocks saves closing down without worrying about tiring is another indication and massive weight loss gaunt ill looking players. We have already had a a player with a weight losing illness another by product of this drug i was told is rife but hard to detect in samples because of other agents likeg masking and energy drinks. This not confined too Stoke but other teams up there work rate when Spurs with speed come calling even Crouch looked faster something i forecast before a ball was even kicked my script was spot on the only one i got wrong was the score 4-2 was my forecast but if you add up the bad referring decisions it should have bean four for us . I need more fans too question this sudden work rate that Wodgate and Crouch are now playing at or the next few week Sunderland Chelsea Norwich one of the hardest workers Swansea will all prove my point with higher work rate to stop our speed merchants

    • What are you talking about? Are you trying to say that if a team is faster than yours, they're all on drugs? Funniest thing I've heard in ages!

  4. Yeah didnt you know…we decided to get 'em on ourselves since we lost to the 2 Manc clubs and its the reason we've done so well. Ledley's bin taking double doses so he can play consecutive games. (No coincidence we lost without him) We decided we didnt need speed against Stoke so we didnt bother. Oh how I love reading your conspiracy theories! We lost cos Matty Etherington was unmarked both times he scored. Now theres a guy who likes a bet so i'm sure he backed himself. Was probably in cohoots with Clattenburg come to think of it eh, Davo?
    I backed us to win 1-0 at Old Trafford that day + theres no way I would have risked my fiver if I had known that.

  5. Yes the officiating was a disgrace, but there is nothing that can be done about it just as with the FA and FIFA, simply curses we have to live with.The ultimate irony was the Stoke fans singing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" –the anthem of the Englsh rugby supporters–they are clearly better judges of their team's tactics than we give them credit for..

  6. Yes there were some crap refereeing decisions, but the truth of the matter is, we were not good enough in the first half, why did Arry not start with the extra height in defense if he knew it was going to give us problems, you cannot give a team like Stoke a two goal lead at home and expect to come away with a win. We have had our own good luck in the last few weeks, Fulham springs to mind. We now have to get our act together and win our next ten games.

  7. To dismiss us on the basis of the first half is nonsense. Crouch CLEARLY handled the ball in the build-up to the opener and the second was an extremely lucky miss-hit finish that bounced perfectly over Kaboul.

    We absolutely pummeled them. Harry's changes were fantastic. What more should we have done?
    We put the ball in the back of the net – offside – wrong
    We fired shots at goal only to be saved on the line illegally – penalty not given
    We tried to head the ball in – Kaboul judo thrown to the floor – penalty not given – Kaboul booked for dissent (his glasses gesticulation was great)
    We put them under continuous pressure – despite two clear as day corners not being given

    They even redrew their pitch for-fucks-sake to give us less space. Tell me, what team would have won that game!?
    I have never seen a refereeing performance like that. It was amazing!

  8. Goals win games – we scored 2 – you lot are getting worse than Arsenal, we have a left back you can sign called Danny Collins, worst player on our books – but 10 times better than your Benny – who played more like Benny Hil

  9. No one can blame this on Harry Redknapp. He not only made a perfect squad he supproted us during the match when we played weak. The first half was weak as players were'nt trying hard. In the second half we played awesome adebayors goal was cancelled, we werent given penalties and Kaboul was sent-off for no major fouls. But our biggest mistake was to let stoke take lead in the first place. If our defense acted strongly. The one penalty would've been enough to secure our victory.

  10. This is one game where i thought we should have started with 2 defensive midfielders. Sandro Parker and Mods in the middle would hv been ideal. We needed to show some muscle.


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