MF’s Match Report: Leeds United 2-1 Spurs


Well that was a bit of a shock. Not so much the result, these things happen, no it’s the defence I’m referring to. To get caught square so often in a month of games would ring alarm bells, that many times in ninety minutes, that’s not good. Naughton, Vertonghen and Caulker all had afternoons to forget and Friedel looked several notches down from intimidating.

Whilst they galloped freely and breathed in the fresh air of unoccupied space, Varney and McCormack finished clinically and with composure either side of half time whilst at the other end we created openings with some slick and speedy football that might have been finished with similar alacrity if we’d actually had anyone plying a forward’s trade in our ranks.

No forwards and the squarest of defences. Once again, not good.

Whilst we can hope that the defensive frailties were just an off day, at the risk of getting buzzed for repetition Daniel, it’s not news that we’re struggling creatively in midfield and are short of firepower, the chequebook is the only remedy I’m afraid.

Adebayor arseing about elsewhere and Defoe being injured/suspended was the China Syndrome scenario, better that it happened in the cup than the league of course. Stroke your lucky cat’s paw or whatever it is you fondle to help bring you good fortune and wish fervently that Defoe recovers in time for Wednesday. He may not be the answer to all our striking dilemmas, he’s most definitely the best we’ve got though. Until Thursday evening at least.


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  1. A thoroughly unprofessional performance. I’ve got used to these complacent efforts from spurs over the years but they still hurt. When they play lower league opposition they think they just have to turn up to get a result. 10 out of 10 to Leeds for effort and passion. 0 out of 10 for big time Charlies Tottenham. They should be embarrassed and ashamed but they won’t be. Their egos won’t allow it.

  2. We're not Spain. Tottenham can't win without a striker. We are DESPARATELY in need of a striker. Levy must buy this transfer window otherwise we will not make top 4!

  3. The reason Leeds won today is because Spurs were so poor and I am not a Leeds fan here just to slag you off, as some of my best mates follow you boys, but christ you were bad. Just laughing at the video 'Spurs serious, Leeds laidback', that needs switching round sharpish!! Good luck for the rest of the season, you've had one bad day we've had f**king dozens in the last 10 years

  4. As a Leeds supporter we're used to ups and downs, and we live through it all. Stoney's completely right. Spurs performance was unashamedly complacent. We're an average championship side which needs overhauling significantly. However, for all our faults, the one thing we do not lack is the effort and commitment to break up play and go to the end. Spurs had plenty of possession and moved the ball into dangerous positions on enough occasions to have won the game, yet the lack of will to take advantage of these positions shocked me. Both goals were well taken, but on both occasions the will to defend was absent..

    When Bale came into the game, and Lennon to a lesser extent, spurs looked dangerous. But neither came into the game enough. Sigurdsson was shocking and Huddlestone was garbage.

    We may lose Becchio, who has done well for us. But he's 29 and if he can get a deal to secure his future somewhere else – well that's life. There's always somewhere else to step up. Both McCormack and Somma are better finishers and have more pace. Our best player is Byram who i think may turn out to be a really good player – yet another from our youth team.

    Anyway, onward and upward – Man City away – i think we can concentrate on the league!!

  5. Michael brown may be a nasty C***, but he was once our nasty c*** and we sure could've used someone like that today! And the bubble about Vertonghen has truly burst. He needs to learn about positioning!

  6. Defense was bad, but for me Brad Friedel was at fault at both goals. He just wasnt at his best, and would have saved both goals on an average day.


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