MF’s Report: Spurs 1-4 Arsenal


Harry Redknapp

So the side that picked the most first teamers came out on top (eventually) and if I tell you that we made ten changes from the weekend then you’ll know it wasn’t us. They played like evil ferrets on drugs, we didn’t.

It was a pretty tedious affair most of the time, they tippy tappyed around when in possession whereas we could barely keep it when we had it. The BBC reckons we both had the ball 50% of the time which I find hard to believe. There were only two shots on target in the first 70 minutes or so, not exactly gripping stuff. Still, it was only when we conceded the two soft pens at the start of extra time that the tie totally slipped away from us. It’s a game of ifs and buts of course and if Lennon had done better when clean through on the keeper at 1-1 things might have been different, but he didn’t.

Anyway, enough of that. How did the new boys do?

Sandrowatch had its moments. He played in the centre of the midfield mess in the first half and to the right of Palacios in the second He’s quick, especially over the first five yards and obviously not afraid to stretch his long legs into a tackle. He might as well reserve a locker now outside the FA’s disciplinary HQ. Imagine a player even more defensively minded than Palacios and you’ve got him. He went off soon after the start of extra time and we missed him.

Steven Caulker played the whole game and given the chaos going on in front of him a lot of the time did well. He played on the right hand side of the centre backs. He looked calm in possession and generally not out of his depth. He was unlucky with the pen I thought, the ref bought everything Chamakh threw at it.

Pletikosa had little to do until the last ten minutes or so when he showed some good handling and came off his line quickly. Good distribution. No chance with the goals. Looked a good alternative to Cudicini should the need arise.

More embarrassing than the result was the mass exodus after the pens went in, the place looked like the Emirates usually does after an hour’s been played against Chelsea. Those who left early missed a defiant sing-a-long in the last five minutes, which is a shame as it was the highlight of an evening to forget.


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  1. South stand lower for the match and stayed right til the final whistle – the defiant sing-a-long was great at showing the gooners how real fans should be whether their team be winning, drawing, or losing! Personally though sandro looked pretty good, tough game to make your debut in considering both the opposition and the team around him (a mixture of new, young, and old). Also quite amusing to see wenger and the arsenal fans taking such a ‘worthless’ cup so seriously considering how much stick they’ve given us – we played the youngsters, they played a strong team; would be interesting to see how they would react to winning the cup!! As for me I was not too disheartened by the performance, the rest our first team have got should put us in good stead for the game at the weekend so three points please…

  2. I think the spurs fans who left after the 2 nasri penaltys are a joke! Plus on top of all of that our fans are so quick to jump on players backs.. i mean first 10-20 minutes, all i could hear was "UHHHHH!" I mean do you really think players will react to negetive noises? I had one bloke next to me going on how sh*t we are for 90 minutes, i mean fans like him dont even deserve to buy a ticket. Yeah maybe we went 1-0 down, but with encorragement & support by singing giving our players more confidence it can boost their confidence. Just need to lay off our players when theyre having a bad spell on the pitch. Also if you leave eaarly you might aswel buy a Red Shirt with a devil badge on it because YOUR A FAKE FAN.

  3. Not really happy with a scoreline as bad as that to be honest, but certainly there were going for it more than we were, especially when they put their better players on in the 2nd half.

  4. I agree, Crazylegs. Bentley on the left? Palacios on the wide right? Didn't make sense to me. We lacked so much width it was painful. Especially when Niko was sitting on the bench.

    On the positive side though; Caulker looked promising and Sandro runs like an Ethiopian. What an engine.


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