MF’s Report: Spurs 4-0 Young Boys


White Hart Lane

I missed the first leg of this tie and was quite surprised to be told by my spies that when brought back to WHL Young Boys would be there for the taking. I had my doubts. The reports on the internet suggested that Dawson and Bassong would’ve been better off herding the proverbial cats than dealing with the Usain Bolt like speed of the home team as they took advantage of our Champions League naivety at the back. How could a team like that & one that forced Harry into a tactical substitution after half an hour be “there for the taking”?

Well as it turns out, you shouldn’t believe everything you read. Thanks to three goals from a very tall boy and one from a short one the result was never in doubt from very early on. Without playing at our best we were able to keep the Swiss at arm’s length for the whole game and in the end despatched them with ease. Our only problems arose when we turned our own worst enemy and a one legged Gomes was kept on the field during the first half long after he should’ve been subbed. Dawson’s response to having a limping keeper between the sticks was to leave crosses to the Brazilian and also let him deal with back passes and goal kicks unassisted. Luckily the lively Bienvenu was unable to capitalise for the away team. Cudicini replaced Gomes for the second half.

There were excellent performances from Crouch, King & Assou-Ekotto and good ones from Lennon and Defoe. Bale’s normal effervescence seemed stifled for a lot of the game but by the end he had supplied the ‘assists’ for all four goals and as usual these days ended up being one of the game’s dominant influences. He put in crosses for Crouchy’s first two goals, took part in the quick exchange of passes with Defoe that led to the latter notching our second (via an illicit handball) and was bundled down from behind to earn the penalty that Crouch took to score our last and his hat trick goal.

The Swiss had been physical and irritable throughout with Lennon in particular being regularly upended. The challenge for the penalty was enough to earn Lulic a second yellow and off he went. They looked shit scared of Crouch’s height, but that’s no excuse for leaving him with free headers in the six yard box.

The Champions League music plus the logo everywhere and the flags doled out to the home support were enough to give the night an atmosphere that even the constant rain and the many flat periods in the game failed to totally dispel. We weren’t, as I said, at our best. There was little crisp & a lot of erratic passing and the creativity of Modric was missed. The result was key though and it was emphatically delivered.



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  1. Totally Agree with all you've said there. It's interesting that even though Bale was well marshalled he still managed to create all 4 goals thats a true sign of class. That Scott Sutter at right back looks a very good player and a lifelong Spurs fan he could be interesting!!!

  2. I saw a different match to you – passing at times breathtaking, Huddlestone stood out for some fantastic passing, Palacios was, as ever, poor with rash tackles and poor passing but overall I enjoyed a good performance from a team that always looked in control and ready to score goals.

  3. As it said on football365 today, we mangaged to simultaneously look nervy AND dominant for the whole game last night! My stomach was sick for most of it, I'm not joking ye – even at 3-0 up, I was just thinking "if they even get 1 back it changes the whole face of the game", it comes from years and years of hurt, pain and misplaced optimism and hope.

    So without over celebrating or anything, actually I didn't even budge for ANY of our goals, just still kinda shellshocked from last week or something, I'm just so delighted to have FINALLY reached the promised land. What I'm most happy about is the UP YOURS to all the many hatin ba*&^rds from all sorts of other teams, who must have been shooting their load as the third goal went in for YB last week. It was going to be another great night of gloating, and slaggin off of the 'useless rubbish spurs'. I'm just so chuffed and relieved at the way it all turned out.

    It's been a long time coming, but now the SPURS ARE MARCHING IN!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It happened to Sampdoria the other night, what I was fearing might happen to us. They went 3-0 UP in the second leg, 2-0 was even enough for them would you believe, but out of absolutely nowhere, in the 93rd minute, Bremen scored, and from then on there was only going to be one winner.

    I don't know why, but it absolutely KILLS people, obviously terrible begrudgers, to see us first of all reach 4th in the table, which was a fantastic achievement and FULLY deserved, and to then qualify into the Champions League proper. I'm not joking you, I don't care what happens after this, I actually think we'll do well, but all the pressure is completely gone now.

    The nightmare would have been falling at the final hurdle to an unheard of team with a comical name, to the delight of many Goons, Chavski, West Ham fans, waiting in the wings, and now Pool fans, who just think it's THEIR position, and we have NO RIGHT even being near 4th place or the Champions League.

    All's well that ends well!!!

  5. Agree with Sheret that you miss out Huddlestone. It was hit and miss, and frightening how dependent the team now is on Bale – who, to me, is getting to be as influential as Hoddle used to be, and Gazza for his exuberance. Great but who do you replace him with when the big, big problem is still lack of leadership on the field, lack of a captain. LK has never been captain material, too, too quiet, maybe Gallas will be the figure that is needed in the most challenging season for almost 50 years. That great Spurs side had two captains [Blanchflower and Mackay] and a lot of other strong figures, this one doesn't have any – there seems to be no talking on the pitch, no shouting, no geeing up [remeber O'Hara against Burnley]. For some reason Keane got put down as PSB – but someone has to lift the team and get them focused and playing – look how flat it kept going last night. There was great play at times, like we are coming to expect, some superb balls, but too many players playing in a self-contained way, that added up to 4-0 but I can't see it adding up to wins against Real and Inter and Bayern without some team spirit and some leadership from somewhere on the pitch

  6. I think Assou-Ekotto deserves a shout. I thought he was fantastic last night and he seems to be getting better and better the past few games. Made me chuckle when he blasted that shot into the ribs of Jamel (?)

    I think after last night, our weak points are Palacious and perhaps Corluka at times but with the return of Modric, the new lads Sandro and Gallas, I think we could go far – just gotta hold our nerve

  7. Getting a bit angry about people slagging off Seargent Wilson on here. Year before last he could do no wrong, now suddenly he is rubbish. Yes he gives the ball away too much but in the absense of any other ball winner (Jenas, Hudd, Krancjar, Modric) he is fundemental to the team.

    Give Wilson a break! COYS!

  8. Hi Villa fan in peace here guys—just want to say its great to see European nights back at White Hart Lane, it looked good on tv last night,nice to hear you fans right behind the side—the waving flags looked great,especially how your ground is tiered,
    Good luck in the Champions League–how you make real progress and that the draw is kind to you, be great to see Spurs in the final at Wembley next may,
    Anyway all the best for this season—-except against The Villa Boyz in Claret & Blue of course,!

  9. Wilson did have a few shaky moments but in fairness to him he worked his socks off last night …. not once did i see him shy away from closing the ball down, its his work off the ball which makes him so vital to the side.
    and with sandro competing with him for this role it can only improve them both.
    Bale as always was a class act, as was BAE, best ive seen him play in a long time!
    lets back the boys through thick and thin in this campaign and not get on their backs if it all doesnt go to plan!

    p.s. nice to here a non-spurs supporter backing us in europe! it can only be good for English football!


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