The Mike Dean Show (again!)


Once again a Premier League referee costs a team 3 points!

The free kick given to Arsenal which eventually leads to their first goal, should never have been given, Davinson Sanchez wins the ball cleanly.  Mike Dean’s explanation of the Spurs player was pulling the Arsenal forward’s shirt is totally unfounded from all angles, where was the linesman by the way?

Even when the free kick is delivered into the box, goalscorer Mustafi was standing in an off-side position!  The second goal, the Arsenal player was level with the Spurs defence when the ball was played, which also constitutes them being offside.

How the Arsenal player Xhaka didn’t get sent off  is another Mike Dean mystery.  He deliberately takes out Davinson Sanchez in the 23rd minute, with a nasty bodycheck, no card, then a few minutes later receives only a yellow card, for a particularly nasty foul on Dele Alli.

Although it’s fair to say, that Spurs weren’t at the races on Saturday, the referee’s decisions, changed the whole dynamic, especially wrongly giving Arsenal that free-kick which ultimately led to Arsenal’s first (offside) goal!

What are your thoughts on the referee’s decsion making?  Have your say below

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  1. "The second goal, the Arsenal player was level with the Spurs defence when the ball was played, which also constitutes them being offside"

    Level isn't offside. Learn the rules before embarrassing yourself again.

  2. Hey…. I feel what your saying dude. It's the sort of crap certain teams have to deal with. Even graham suness said these things NEVER balance themselves out after an arsenal player said it balances itself out.
    Spurs just have to move on and get back to winning ways.
    Moaning ain't and won't change squat!!!
    You are correct it was offside and sanchez made a CLEAN TACKLE.. Even ray Wilkins said "what was that about? Sanchez made a great tackle"
    Just a case of spurs getting the short end of the stick..
    In all fairness gooners wanted it more. Apart from those poor decisions from ref, can you say spurs played better than them??

  3. Hey…. I feel what your saying dude. It's the sort of crap certain teams have to deal with. Even graham suness said these things NEVER balance themselves out after an arsenal player said it balances itself out.

  4. Have to remember that Mike Dean image is more important than football, in truth his decisions were always going to come out in favor of Arsenal, why you may ask ? Well wasn’t there an uproar before the game by Arsenal supports over his appointment, saying he always favours Spurs. Well poor Mike can’t have that being said about him can he now ? After all all those supporters were really there to see him perform, weren’t they ?

  5. I was listening to Radio London and the commentators commented a number of times that the referee was "guessing" when making decisions. I have refereed a few matches at a low level and it is difficult, but you cannot guess, you can only give what you know you have seen.

    To be fair not only should Xhaka have been yellow carded early in the match but Vertonghen too

    A poor performance by both the ref and Spurs but we just have to live with it and focus on the next game

  6. Fair result of the game 1-1. Their second goal was fair but Harry was fouled in the box, second half.

    What was really poor was our left side defense.

  7. The first goal did come from a hotly contested 'foul', which was a decision that went against us and yes, Mustafi was half a yard offside when he headed the ball, no doubt about it. However, he was still being marked by 3 Spurs defenders when he got the header in and that seemed symptomatic of Arsenal just wanting it more than we did.

    They looked up for it after all the brutal criticism which they had endured in the build up to the game and we did not look like we wanted it badly enough. Maybe we had started to believe a little too much of the hype which had been wafting in our direction from some of the fawning pundits in the media.

    In my opinion Poch was wrong to blame the refereeing decisions for the result. The bottom line is Arsenal were the better side and he did not do a good enough job of preparing the team for the game. Fuck the excuses, we weren't good enough, so take in on the chin like a man and get on with the next game. End of story on the Arsenal match.

    • Regardless of us having an off day and them wanting it more you expect the ref/lino to be fair which he clearly wasn’t, Xhaka let off a blatent yellow card then gets a yellow which means he would of got sent off they are down to 10 and it’s game on! the ref helped them massively to 3 points, they go down to 10 and that gives us a lift to kick on why don’t people see that?? as for the free kick that twat Reed didn’t even see a pull just guessed and like said earlier he was appeasing the Woolwich lot so basically was scared to ref the game fairly and was pressurised to give them everything and us jack! who knows what the score would be if the ref/ lino was doing there jobs? we will never know, seen it too often at there ground, just want a fair game, they don’t care and now lord it as if they are all superior to us which they are not.

      • Hey dude. It's expected when playing away. Yes it's ment to be fair but if playing away you'll find decisions going for home team.
        PRIME EXAMPLE… MAN UNITED. Remember when we played them and nani handballed, gomes placed ball down for free kick then nani looked at ref and ref said play on.. Another example spurs played United LONG SHOT think carol was in goal for United ball was closer to the net then line, but no goal. Whole stadium knew that it was a goal. Where were these played.?? AWAY FROM HOME..

  8. Arsenal´s first goal came from a counter-attack which started after Davies missed one more from his countless hapless crosses into the box. He and Trippier were awfully poor when it comes to delivering a decent cross last saturday. By the end of the match one can spot Llorente waving his arms in frustration inside the box after another Trippier´s poor cross. My feeling was that Arsenal would have won the match even if that foul wasn´t given by Mr. Dean. Spurs lost because they didn´t show up to the match. If a side does not show up, it won´t score and that means all hope is for a silly 0x0. Not exactly what a so-called Title Contender side would want form such an important match. Same story from United´s match when Dele Alli, who was clearly uninterested on NLD, missed a sitter. Time for Pochettino to rethink not only tactics but also players´ behaviour.

    • Mmmmm. Some interesting points there dude.
      Maybe mopo needs to do that…
      You are correct about lorente u could see his frustration if decent balls were put in he would have troubled gooners defence. In trips defence it's unusual for him to put in poor crosses.


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