No new Modric bid from Chelsea – Modric to face Hearts?


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp has claimed that there has been a new bid from Chelsea for Luka Modric.

“Luka has a bit of a hamstring and doesn’t feel he is 100 per cent fit, but I won’t lie to you his head isn’t right at the moment,” the Tottenham boss told Sky Sports News.

“He is a great lad but is just a bit confused about where he is at the moment in his football career.

“For me the quicker the transfer window closes and we can get on with Luka being here the better it is for everybody.

“I’ve not heard of another bid [from Chelsea]. When they signed [Juan] Mata I thought that might be the end of it but people tell me they are looking still to bring Luka in and really strengthen their team.

“I can well see them looking to chase Luka but we really want to keep him here and add one or two players to our squad to make us stronger.”

“I don’t think he’s played his last game for us,” Redknapp said.

“I want him to play for us against Manchester City on Sunday, he’s a good player and we need him out there for us.

“We’ve got Hearts on Thursday too and I’d love to get a game into him.”

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  1. I’ll bid 4 hotels on Mayfair, odds, black, tails, five no trumps, wife, daughter and subscription to How to become a Millionaire that Levy does not sell him.

    Avid Modric fan but now’s the time for him to take his head out of his ass, smell the coffee, take on board and come down from over the moon and pay back the debt he owes to the loyal supporters of and the management of THFC.

    We will beat the Manks with or without him tonight, but would have been better with him.

    Can you hear me Luka?????


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