Modric wants ‘dream’ move to Chelsea and blasts Daniel Levy


Luka Modric has claimed that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has gone back on his word about allowing him to leave the club if a suitable offer is made.

The Croatian midfielder is determined to move across London to Chelsea, but they have only made one bid of £22million which was rejected out of hand by Spurs.

His comments below will infuriate Spurs fans.

Modric said: “Last summer [Levy] said we would find a satisfactory agreement if a club like Chelsea came in.

“I hope eventually we go our separate ways in an appropriate manner.”

“I reminded the chairman of our gentleman’s agreement when we were in Dubrovnik last summer and I agreed a contract extension with Tottenham,” Modric told Croatian newspaper Sportske Novosti.

“At that time, I had an open chat with Levy – that if a bigger club came in with a concrete offer, we would consider it and agree the best solution for all concerned.

“Now Levy doesn’t want to talk to me and said there is no possibility that I can leave Spurs. He threatened me – he said if I didn’t accept the club’s stance, they would make me sit on the bench or in the stands.”

“A lot has been published in the press about the meeting with Levy, who gave the public a twisted account of what happened,” he added.

“I must say that I am genuinely disappointed about what Levy said to me. He didn’t care about what I was telling him. It only convinced me further that I was right to consider moving on to another club.

“I hope that eventually he will understand the situation and that we will reach an agreement and go our separate ways in an appropriate manner.”

Modric maintains that joining Chelsea would be a ‘dream’ for him, adding: “There is no doubt that Chelsea want me – they sent a concrete offer to Tottenham.

“I know that the new Chelsea boss (Andre Villas-Boas) said he wants me in his team. Of course I am flattered by this interest in me – it’s a club that all players dream of joining, fighting for every competition available.

“It wasn’t a snap decision – I talked a long time with my family and people whose opinions I respect. I thought about it, weighed it all up, and finally decided this was the best option.”

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  1. Modders – you're a pathetic, spoiled, spineless, odious c**t of a man. Shame on you, you vile fucker.
    That's about all i can say on the subject

    • Lets face it if all this chat is true then we should tell anyone that Modric is for sale at £50million plus then put Bale and Sandro and vdv on the market with a really high but achevable figure, again lets face it if Modric goes they will all want out. anyway so get as much money as we can for the above mentioned players and get in around 110million and then sell the nameing rights to a new ground for say another £100 million and we would be well on the way to building the new stadium of around 70 thousand seats from where we can start to at least try to compeat with the big boys money wise. Although this is not what i would want it seems the best way forward. Also although we wont compete with the top 4 we would still have a good team too good to relegated and then we would start building a eve better team with the extra income. We must also stop buying back ex players like Berbastrop and letting them think that when they run like a scared rabbit from our great club that they dont have a get out clause where as they can always come back.

  2. I understand Modric’s point of view but no one has actually come in with a decent offer for him. Chelsea’s offer of 22m is only half what he is worth. So Levy is quite right to say No to him leaving. Also why would we want to let him go to one of our Champion League rivals …

    • He signed a Contract, Us mere mortals cannot dictate our contract, if we then decide, we honour it, or we let the chief decide, I believe Levy is doing the right thing, he wants CL back at the lane

  3. Ball bag,

    Bit harsh mate, huddlestone, Bale and Dawson, all moved to a dream club why is Modric different. He’s quality and deserves CL football. He doesn’t want inter two bob can’t see how you assume one rule for bale etc and one rule for luka

    • Because it’s selling to a rival knobhead it’s damn Disrespectful to a club that made it’s biggest transfer fee signing on a gamble,

      Alot of spurs fans probably wouldn’t care as much of Barca came in doing this but Chelsea is out of the question

      If you can’t understand how outrageous this really is just on that level ( & there are many more dimensions to this pussies insult) you should probably stay away from spurs messageboards …………. And dinner parties

    • Because it’s selling to a rival knobhead it’s damn Disrespectful to a club that made it’s biggest transfer fee signing on a gamble,
      Alot of spurs fans probably wouldn’t care as much of Barca came in doing this but Chelsea is out of the question
      If you can’t understand how outrageous this really is just on that level ( & there are many more dimensions to this pussies insult) you should probably stay away from spurs messageboards …………. And dinner parties

  4. how can he sit there and talk about being a gettelmen when he is acting like this. you are under a contract you have been told you cant leave now have some respect for the club and honour that dicision. also since when was chelski a bigger club than spurs? if i was harry i would sit him in the stands and make him appricaite football again. NO player is bigger than the club!!!

  5. He is a great player, but no single player is as great as our club. Sell him quick, have a bit of time to get a replacement, don't leave it to the last minute like we did with Berbatov. There is no "i" in team, but Modders, there is a "u" in c**t.

  6. come on ball bag he just wants to go to a bigger and better club with a fantastic team around him instead of having to carry the gang of wan*ers you call your football club. welcome to chelsea

  7. sell the shithead!!! and give him hell next time he comes to the lane. and i mean really abuse the f…er. or if possibell, injured the life out of him. hate those players that not accept the contrakt. or lett him play for the reserves out his contract. he dont deserv any other trearment.

  8. Robbie, in reference to your comment ‘since when was Chelsea a bigger club’ I would like to make reference to 3 premier leagues and 3 FA cups over the past 6 years not to mention qualifying for the champions league every season. I am bemused as to why spurs fans think they are a big club when ultimately all of the best players leave to play at other teams. It is understandable why a player like modric would want to play at a club that can win the league……….

    • Because clubs like Chelsea have bags full of money, buy there success and position and can offer luka 3 times what he earns at spurs. If you can offer the big names lucrative contracts because your bank rolled by a oil rich sugar daddy then of course you will get somewhere. Before roman chelsea were nothing, a small team full of thugs! Now there a small team with a lot of money and a lot of plastic fans. They have bought the 3 prems and 3 fa cups you mentioned. They didn’t earn them the hard way like man utd or arsenal did. Same old chelsea – no history, no class, no pride!

  9. Let him go. There's no point in having a miserable git in the team. We need to kick start the summer spending anyway.

  10. Is it fair dear luka,that you triple your wage and you go away like that with half the price wort.what about the club that loved you and made you the player you are.I think that you are threaten levy not levy threaten you.If you want to leave get the real price not that shit that chelsea offer, at least the club will get something good for you and could buy 2 great players and will beat you and you"r fucken chelsea.

  11. Where has it been written that when a player wishes to leave, that you have to sell to their desired club.

    When Man u had a problem a few year back, with one of theirs wanting to go to Liverpool, they gave him his wish to leave, but made his mind up for him as to where he went, he was sold abroad, not to cl rival.

    Luka wants to leave, OK, but he better get his passport ready.

  12. I can't understand where the bitterness is coming from. If you all have any personal ambition to be better in your lives you will understand why another young man would want to pursue his.

  13. i like the way luka has said he wont put a transfer request in as he has too much respect for the club, i wonder how much a loyalty bonus is on a 6 year contract? cos thats what he will be entitled to if he does get sold without putting a requst in

  14. Anyone who doesn’t want this big nose fuck out the club now need their head checked. Hope Levy let’s him go, get full whack for him and replace him + 2 strikers, he is being seriously ill advised. Who would have known the quiet darling of the club was a complete fuck head the whole time, he could take a leaf out of fabricarses book, I actually think I dislike Modric more than Berbatov now.

  15. Grasping little fucker, no decent offer has come in. His words though imply he knows a bigger offer will come in and so suggests the little prick has been talking to chelsea behind spurs' back in the most ungentlemanly fashion.

  16. It seems to me that many players don’t respect their contracts anymore. Lukatar Modratov; Why the hell did you sign a new 6 year contract when (as you say needed a so-called gentlemans agreement) to leave for a bigger club. Chelski is the club for the seniorcitizens like Lampard, Drogba etc. I really hope Levy stick to his words, and in the worst case scenario let him rot in the stands.

  17. The bit I don’t understand is that he got his gentlemans agreement. Modric states that if an offer came in then Levy would look at it and consider it. An offer did come in for 22million. Levy looked at it, and considered it a no. It really wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is made up garbage where abramovich has paid foreign press to release a story. There is no doubt in my mind Modric has been tapped up by chelsea and abromavich. For instance, Modric says in his ‘latest’ interview that he knows villas-boas wants him. Chelsea put in a bid before boas was manager. The bid was rejected before he was manager. No where in the media is there a quote or soundbite stating boas ‘wants’ modric. Therefore someone has been in contact with luka from chelsea and made it known that boas wants him. Obviously this has been after spurs rejected a bid to a managerless chelsea. Therefore after spurs told them to leave it, they have gone behind spurs back and illegally approached luka, which in football terms means they have tapped up a player, un-settled him and all without consent of spurs.

  18. Chelsea tapped him up they had no right to make an offer for him when he was under contract without permission. Let him go for 40 million, step up to the plate nikko Kranjcar.

  19. It is all down to money the greedy little cunt. If it was about winning trophies he would go to united not fucking Chelsea. But if they want him that bad let him go after they pay more than double his value like they did with Torres. So boas wants him what about their new manager next season? What a shit club lol

  20. i’d so laugh if he stayed at the yids!

    then you’d be like really big hypocrites but then i’d be dissapointed because we didn’t get him modric and bale for chelsea spurs to go down fucking yid cunts KTBFFH!

  21. Calm down dears, he's only one player. Good but not great. You've seen all this before with Berbatov and the sensible thing would be to let him go for an appropriate fee. Better still avoid all this bickering, moaning and posturing between two midgets (Modric and Levy) and get rod of both.

    Why hasn't Harry Redknapp had something to say abuut this yet? He's usually so quick to give opinions on everything and everybody. Only today I was reading his analysis of Clichy's move to City, which to the best of my knowledge has nothing to do with Tottenham.

  22. I’ve read the original interview in Sportske Novosti. He never said it was his “dream move”. Although I don’t agree with his outburst, I would let him go. I still think he is a good lad and thank him for his service. His wanting to leave is by far no betrayal like the scum judas Sol Campbell.

  23. I say fuck'im. If he can't show a bit of loyalty to the club that introduced him to the world stage and stick around to get up back into the top four spot then so much for all his chat about how much he loved the club and the fans.. blah blah blah fuck off!

  24. Modric is just proving what a complete twat he is. I never want to see him in a spurs shirt again he needs to fuck off but not too Chelsea or any other english team if he don’t like this than just rot in the stands

  25. I can understand Modric wants to play Champions League football after the season we just had. But he is 1 year in a 6 year contract and it's a joke that he now wants to leave because we haven't qualified again.

    The jibberish we read in the papers between Modric and Levy is a complete farce. Modric says he's been loyal and a great servant to the club. Your contract states you are to continue doing so for another 5 years!

    Redknapp needs to sort this himself and if we do get rid of Modric he needs to be on the case straight away about getting a replacement.

  26. Modric shouldn't of been so eager to sign a six year deal with Spurs. It was inevitable that bigger, better clubs like Chelsea would be onto him soon enough.


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