Is Modric right to want out of Spurs?


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Last year was, by most accounts, a positive season. We stood toe-to-toe with some of the greatest teams in the world, and with the exception of a red card in Madrid, gave a great account of ourselves. A fifth-place finish was disappointing, but with our breadth of talent on the ball and in the dugout, the best has to be yet to come, right?

After all that, it may seem crazy to ask, but is Luka Modric right to want to leave Spurs?

Modric is, unquestionably, one of the hottest talents in the world. Any team would break the bank (unless you’re Chelsea—in which case you low-ball us repeatedly) for his services. Modric deserves to be surrounded by world-class talent.

Is that to be found at Tottenham Hotspur?

Sure, we’ve got Bale and Van Der Vaart. But is that enough?

According to Harry Redknapp—no.

‘arry has said on multiple occasions that he needs to bring in two or three “world class” players to line up beside Modric. The reason, he says, is to keep Modric happy.

Where are these players? The only time we see world-class players lined up alongside Modric is in the rumors section of the papers. For whatever reason, Tottenham Hotspur has always been a prime target of rumor-mongers. Practically every player worth his salt—and countless who aren’t—have been linked with a move to White Hart Lane. And time and time again, the linkage disappears as the players sign with another club.

The list of big-name links in the last few years is staggering—Andrei Arshavin, Joe Cole, Juan Roman Riquelme, Giuseppe Rossi and even David Beckham have all been (according to the press) seriously pursued by Tottenham Hotspur. And while a few of the names on that list could easily be discredited using hindsight, many of those players had big time name recognition at the time of the rumor.

This year is, of course, no different. Again, we are linked with a veritable who’s who of the up-and-coming footballing world—Juan Mata, Mirko Vucinic, Ibrahim Afellay, Santi Carzola, and most recently Alberto Gilardino.

And once again, we see no big name signatures for Tottenham Hotspur. And once again, we see our rivals reap the benefits of our inability to capture a player. What’s worse is that many of these players we’re constantly linked to end up playing us twice a year as a member of one of the teams we’re battling for a top-four finish. The best thing to happen to Tottenham Hotspur this summer is the fact that we lost two players to Juventus—a team that we will not have to worry about playing anytime soon.

We have made two potentially great signings this summer: Souleymane Coulibaly and Cristian Ceballos. Unfortunately, we won’t see either of those names on the first-team sheet for a few more years, at least. That isn’t enough to keep Modric from seeking the greener pasture he deserves.

Where are these signings, then? Tottenham have proven masters of the 11th hour coup, but a deadline day stroke of genius from management may be too late to make up for a summer of nothing. At least as far as Modric is concerned.

By Cliff S

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  1. Modric wants a team who will win things. So if Redknapp stopped going on and on and on about how it is impossible for Spurs to win anything that could be a start. Might help attract some decent players too.

  2. His request to leave is not justified, considering that Spurs accomodated him whilst other EPL clubs had shown no interest in him at the time of his desperation. We gave him CL exposure at the expence of other hard working players at Spurs who were & are still not earning what he earns (his package was revised, hence him signing a long term contract.
    He does understand our predicament in requiring his service just to see out this season to qualify for 4th but he appears to be adamant on leaving. He deserves the worst punishment even if we lose out financially just to get back for his arrogance. Bad product to have at Spurs for he is setting a precident to other players. Sell abroad is the same as sending him to the Siberian Salt Mines!

  3. We should sell now rather than 31st august as we can use the money
    Harry says we need players which unsettles the current team, Players like Rose, Walker etc are good enough now so play them . we have four international strikers which are good enough for their country but harry cannot get them to score common problem harry
    our coaches are not coaching hence no set up with VDV or Bale ( a good coach would factor in the use of their skills and the anticaption of how clubs will try to stop them not harry) Harry has never done it with a team over a few years and every one knows this will be hs last season so why wait, appoint hoddle as an interim coach (note hw scholes says he was the best coach he worked with).

    • Slightly incorrect there. Last season Pav scored at a higher rate than most strikers in Premiership. He just played less than most too. Also Harry did get Defoe firing the season before last. The reason for the strikers suffering was mr Vdv – and the strikers themselves – not specifically Harry.

  4. Modric is right to be tempted. However, some of the comments coming out have been wrong – if actually said. However, Modric cannot complain if he remains at Spurs because Chelsea STILL have not put in a satisfactory offer. 6 months ago Chelsea bought Torres for twice the amount he cost Liverpool, and had been off form for over a year. On top of that, Chelsea had no problems with their forward line – apart from that they are aging. Modric is playing his best stuff, is our best player, a vice captain, and unlike Torres, Chelsea REALLY NEED Modric. yet despite all this, they still have not offered double what we paid for Modric….

  5. First of all I disagree that Modric is something special or he can have a vital impact on the team.
    We've seen that in 22 PL games that Spurs failed to win last season while he was part of the team.
    Moreover in none of them he was the best player of the team according to the votes of the Spurs fans.
    But any player has the right to leave a club if for any reason he doesn't want to play for that club anymore.
    In case that there isn't a financial dispute, a player can leave a club.

  6. You cant blame modders for wanting out, harry made a huge mistake this time last year, everyone but him knew we needed a world class striker but he did nothing. We were goin into the CL, now we are out of it and he is tryin to get em, sorry harry its to late, we wont get em now, wen u made the step up u still thought like a portsmouth manager.Modric knows we wont b a power all the time we have a likable jack the lad in charge, we need to spend bigger and get a big name manager here, offer the special one wot ever he wants, make us proud and make every player want to play for us

  7. OF course he is right to ask for a transfer. Look at the transfer dealings of ‘Arry. We have about 4 to 6 LM players alone and yet we are thin at both ends of the pitch. Kranjcar warms the bench and when given a chance ‘Arry puts him in Lennon’s position all the while wondering why Niko isn’t playing his best. The only notable signing Spurs have made was VDV while Pienaar’s transfer is yet to reap ANY benefit to the club. Still then, Redknapp wanted to go for Charlie Adams, Juan Mata, and now Joey Barton when all we really need is a traditional ST. It is better to have too few players than too many. Tottenham’s problem is that they cannot sell the Bentley’s, Gio’s, etc. This would give us the necessary capital to compete with the other European teams while freeing up some wages. Sell Bentley, Bassong, Gio, Keane, Hutton, Defoe, promote Walker, Rose etc. and bring in LLoriente. Kranjcar must be kept for when Modric leaves which is an inevitability.


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