Modric is going nowhere


Harry Redknapp has insisted that there is no chance of Luka Modric leaving Tottenham Hotspur.

The Croatian international has been linked with moves to Chelsea and Manchester United, but the Spurs boss is keen to hold onto the playmaker.

“There’s no chance of it happening at all. Luka’s key to everything that’s happening at this place,” Redknapp said in The Sun.

“Everybody knows what I think of him. And if you want to move on to higher levels you don’t start flogging off your best players – to anyone.”

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  1. I really hope that Arry has spoken to Modders first to make sure that he won't do a Berba, i doubt he will as he seems commited to the cause, but money talks………..

  2. That’s the kind of talk we want to be hearing, tell them people to just walk on by because we’re not selling bloody cheek what we’re not supposed to offer any challenge to the title and because you’re Manchester United we must just bow to that and sell you our players? I think sir Alex must be smoking blunts. Listen its happening big things are stirring at the Lane and the Man U’s and Chelsea’s of this world can sense it too so they try to unsettle our players with talks of big money moves and Champions League and Title pushes well that’s all well and good but look at what that did to Berbatov. No Mr Ferguson not happening unless of course you wish to give us twenty five million plus Rooney. See how absurd that was. Lillywhitetilidie.

  3. “if you want to move on to higher levels you don’t start flogging off your best players – to anyone” – Harry Redknapp

    Exactly right Harry well said. I think he would leave rather than sit there while we sold off our star players as we have done recently.


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