Modric to Madrid for £23.5m? You have got to be kidding!


So if Sky Sports are to be believed, Luka Modric is to fly to Spain tomorrow to finalise his move to Real Madrid from Tottenham.

They are reporting that it’s for a fee of £23.5million which could rise to £27.5million. Could these figures be correct? After placing a £40million valuation on the Croatian’s head is Daniel Levy really going to buckle and sell for much less?

Surely Modric is not worth just £8million more than the £15million that Liverpool have paid for a relatively unproven Joe Allen! There is no doubt that Modric needs to be shipped out of White Hart Lane, but only for the right price – after all, he does have 4 years left on his contract.

What do you make of the news and the rumoured transfer fees? Have your say below…

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  1. If this figure is correct, then it could be right to assume that it is a cash plus a player deal! Who knows which player though?

      • davsspurs – We better not sign anyone cos they are all on performance enhancing drugs aren't they apart from when they play for Spurs???!

    • Hahahhaaaa. The delusion continues!!!!!!!! Levy put his own pride before the club last year when he turned down £40million for Modric. He had said all summer that he would not sell Modric and when Chelsea offered a figure way in excess of his worth he was too proud to take it. That offer does not mean Modric is a £40million player, just as Carroll is not worth £35million or Torres £50million. It was a last minute transfer window crazy bid. So for every Spurs fan who thinks you are letting a £40mill player go cheap, you aren't. £25-27million is a good price for Modric, especially when you factor in HE DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR SPURS…And for all the talk of player loyalty think of this, how many Spurs players are from their youth team?? Why does Bale player for Spurs? Or Friedel, or Dawson, Walker, Parker, Defoe or Lennon, because players move on to bigger and better clubs, thats football…And when Real Madrid or a Man Utd or a Chelsea come in for your players the majority of them want to move to progress their careers…Not because they will get more money but because they will have a better chance of silverware…SPURS DOES NOT = SILVERWARE

      • Over half of your players would not want to be at chelsea if you did not pay them stupid wages, and you a bigger club, dream on, the ffp is gonna hurt you and man city, even though you deny it, but uefa are going to stop your sugardaddys, then try to outspend us, and its not just uefa now is it, the premier league is going to implement ffp rules also, better save your pennies.

  2. If true, and who knows, it just shows how incompetently Spurs are being run, not so much because of the fee, but the time it has taken to accept reality.

    • What a moronic quote based on IF!!!! If my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle. Says it all about Dave's(or is it Rodney's) thought processes. Thought processes-a bit of a misnomer. Does daveK thinks that Levy has discussed the p[rice withe media?? On second thoughts…….

      • Agreed mate, whilst it is annoying sometimes that these transfers take some time and in an ideal world, we would like to have all deals tied up way before the start of the season, Spurs are probably one on the best run clubs in the premier league and do not do deals without thought and Levy will stand his ground – why shouldn't he over Modric (after all, he did sign a 4 year deal not so long-ago). So, as for DaveK using the word 'incompetent' just shows his lack of understanding and his 'incompetency' for the game! Perhaps I'm wrong and DaveK shold be running Spurs, not Levy..?

  3. Utter Compost, if this is true we are definatly turning into a laughing stock. Levy, I hope you have buckled and sold us down the river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A friend just said to me, maybe its a ploy by Levy to make sure other clubs dont know how much we really sold him for so we dont get screwed over in next few days when buying. eg, when we now go for Moutinho, they dont say well if Modric is worth 40 mill we want 35 ect. Remember Levy has never been screwed over to sell a player for less than he is worth. We should be thankful this is nearly over and we can buy buy buy

  5. If this is true it better be the spark for something very big happening. If not we are going to look really weak and stupid.

    Also I hope the ratfaced Croatia have waved absolutely every penny of any part of the transfer fee he will receive to get his dream move going

  6. No chance this figure is correct. Remember that we are talking about Daniel Levy. Who knows what is going on behind the scenes, but I am pretty sure he has gotten us a good deal. Maybe we have first option on some of their players??

  7. If it was a cash plus player deal im sure sky would have picked up on that as well. I know Levy valued him at 40m but I would have taken 30 for him after everything thats happened this summer. But 23.5 is massively disappointing to me. I'm just hoping that Levy has a striker deal up his sleeve and maybe we needed the money to make it happen.

  8. Crazy complete and utter madness to allow our main play maker and a world star to leave for such a small amount of money, Porto want £31m for Mounthino plus more in wages!!!!
    We as a club are finished thinking about regular CL football, we cant afford the player to take us there and feel AVB doesn't really have a chance of 4th place.

  9. This is a sham. Enoch have got to go. We won’t get top4 now. If we sign anyone before Saturday I’ll be stunned two very bad calls this summer AVB and now this. If any sugar daddies are reading this plerase buy our beloved club and take us to where we belong.

    • What's with all doom and gloom? Levy is the best chairman in the premership, he buy well and sells well.
      New training ground, new stadium on its way, one of the best young squads in the country.
      come on stop the bleeting and see the postives.
      Gone are days we were seen as a selling club! now when clubs come calling they know that we do not have to sell and, if we do sell were looking to double if not treble on our investments.
      Remember, we have players at the back and in our middle field that top clubs all over europe would love.

    • You are dead right Mojo – biggest sucker of the lot is that Ginger Whinger on Talk Sport Adrian Big Mouth. If you have so little faith in our chairman, more fool you. Berba went on strike and we still got top dollar.

  10. Crazy, complete and utter madness to allow our main play maker and a world star to leave for such a small amount of money, Porto want £31m for Mounthino plus more in wages!!!!

  11. In Levy we trust! Just sit on this one lads, be it true or false, there is no way Levy would just get fed up and give in…come on, for better or worse we know this! Something is a’cooking and I feel confident that it will not be leaving us short changed or depleted. COYS!!!


  12. Seriously folks we all have access to the clubs actual website. Don'y believe this drivel until it's announce by the club. Utter nonsense.

  13. i would say i cant belive it but thats spurs for you. nothing the club do makes sense. levy is excellent business man but not a chairman who will win things as to reserved and tight with money. they brought bent for similar money as to what apparantley they got for modric. doesnt ring true really. if they have got 35million it wont matter as he will look at 2 cheap alternatives who wont maqke grade as top players want top money and spuirs dont pay it. small club small ground small mentality

  14. Maybe bolloxed, maybe not. We need cash now or we start with without a central midfield pairing and a striker and collateral sitting is his home dreaming about real. I couldn't give a shit if it's 23 or 30 or whatever we need the money now. If true you should 2 signings before sat and that is all that matters.

  15. I've trusted and supported levy all summer in everything he's done, but if this is true then he will lose any respect I have for him. Even the highest price they're talking about of 27m is much too little

  16. Dat fee is not right. It cant be. Levy gt over 30m for berba at half 11 on deadline day when he was on his last year. Its been leaked at dat amount to stop us gettin ripped off.

  17. Lets all calm down and wait and see levy is no mug and the deal will have to be right for Spurs, this whole saga is messing up our pre season and right now we need two strikers rather than a player who does not want to be here!

  18. As soon as he was sent to train with the kids he was on his way and rightly so.

    we would all be happy just to be able to stand on the pitch at WHL. It's an honor to play for Spurs and if Modric doesn't want to play for us then fine by me and get him out quickly and as quietly as possible.

    Oh and lets look at who have been criticizing us:

    Pletikosa – hmm he played one forgettable game ever for us
    Krancar – one of Harry's old Pomi boys who was never more than a back up squad player
    Oh and Igor someone or other assistant coach to Croatia (that mighty footballing nation LOL)

    So let take a profit on a player who will now spend a year on the bench at Real Madrid before being loaned out to some Russian team and then sold off to play in China.

    Bitter – me – no way.


  19. Another site suggest 30 million, which is probs closer to the mark….good riddance rat face!! NOw bring in RAmirez, Medo and Ade back will do nicely….GK in January….COYS!

  20. If this is true then Levy has some serious explaining to do! If he was going to sell for this amount why not do it 2mnths ago when we could have spent these funds in time for the new season?!! Not impressed.

  21. Be glad to see the back of the little weasel, he would of be of no use in the coming season. I think the fee would be un-disclosed just sky making a story. Really hope he doesnt get injured at his new club. ;)

  22. Let's hope this bollocks is well, just that bollocks. For a player to be value at £40 million and some of the transfers that have taken place, 23 and a bit, I don't think so. I mean £35 million for Fatty Caroll only 18 months back. If Levy has caved in then tomorrow is going to be a bad day.
    We are at The Lane ar running out of time with the transfer window ending 31st August.

  23. New rumours coming from the lane is that a £22M deal for Lorrente is close and is reliant on Modric. Has anyone else heard this?

  24. what a great deal by levy! wow we are getting a ton of money!…only 7.5million more than liverpool paid for downing!

  25. Doubt Levy would go through all this just to get £23.5m. Maybe thats what the media has been told so other transfer prices aren't inflated? Would be a very clever move if you think of it.

  26. In Levy we trust. God help us. Smiling as he dumped Jol – gave us Ramos, brought in Saha and Nelson. Wake up lads he probably hasn't gone for 23m and a player plus cash deal looks possible, but once again we are left with last minute deals and no time for a replacement to bed in. When will this chairman learn.

    • Redknapp brought in Saha and Nelsen, and also tried to sign Phil Neville. Levy knew that Redknapp would jump ship if something shiny came along, which it did in the England job, so didn't give him anymore money. Levy got us VDV and Sandro.

  27. Look at the bigger picture, 10years ago Lucky to make top 10? now UNlucky not to be in CL. Levy wont let the club down it's the fans jumping on to bad news that makes us look stupid Not Levy. If you cant trust he club FFS shut up and stop adding to the problem.

  28. Calm down – Levy is the guy who got us £6 for Mido back in day – Have a little faith, That figure may not be all is seems

  29. @merlin..that might be spot on …cant see levy letting modric go for anythink less than 35 mill..remember this is real madrid that's buying ,and im hopeing levy has sumink up his sleave ..and backs avb with a few players and defo a striker ….can not see us being a laughing stock and just have defo up front and jenus in midfield…coys

  30. When exactly did Levy say the price was £40m. I must have missed that one. And this ‘fee’ of £23.5m is totally made up. There’s no way either side would release the figure yet.

  31. In levy we trust! Thats what we keep hearing and spouting so until this is OFFICIAL stop believing journo bull****. I for one still have faith. Sounds like its the start of lighting of an exciting firework!!! COYS

  32. Whatever happens to Modric we still need 2 forwards and a couple of extra wide players as back up to Bale and Lennon. As always Levy leaves everything to the last minute. The season starts on Saturday and not after 31st August. I hope that I'm wrong but I think I will be coming back from Newcastle bitterly disappointed.

  33. The fee is correct and it does make you wonder what their initial offer was. When you factor in the 5% sell on to his previous club it doesn't even leave enough to get a decent replacement. Shocked.

  34. The ball was always in madrids court on this deal madrid can do without modric but at this point tottenham need the money it was a case of who cracked first madrid new if they held on long enough levy would fold coz we desperate for plays for the start of the season i gotta say levy this time you truly cocked this one up!!!!! 23mil andy carrol cost more need i say more we av been truly mugged off!!!!

  35. Okay so Spurs realised Mod was never ever worth £35m+. everyone outside Spurs new this.

    But you stand by Levy even though he could have sorted this out easy earlier and have new (needed) playersready by kickoff. Also when you all said how tough Spurs were for keeping Mod last summer, more fool you. You’ve now taken a £15m loss. In Levy you trust…Mugs!

  36. levy has never had a backbone,remember berbatov and man u,carrick man u,then he sacks rednapp for avb,and 2 years later we are still waiting for that "top striker"..sorry forgot saha !!!!!! he,s thinks his BIG EGO is more important thah the MIGHTY YIDDO,S..RIP

  37. If VanP has just signed for United for £24m, then £23.5m for modders is a good price regardless of contract situation. VanP was best player in prem by a mile last year.

  38. Cheer up Degoals scores a cracker for England and three Spurs players are on the winning side over Italy first since the 90 Bar Codes next

  39. daily mail are saying the we have rejected a 38 million bid from real, 30 in cash with add on's apparently we are waiting for a bit more money up front which is supposedly 35 million

  40. I think the figure is being understated, as if the value is published, all transfer targets will become more expensive as they will know Spurs have the cash to spend.

  41. Levy saw L'Pool pay 35m for Carroll and thought RM were just as stupid. LM is worth about 30M absolute tops. He only cost 16/17M so any fee between 25-30M is good business. Lets forget all the talk, get him out and bring in someone who wants to be at WHL. I am getting fed up of the Soap Operas that surround the club on an annual basis. But I suppose being a Spurs supporter it is nothing new.

  42. Has to be Real Madrid lies as per usual.
    RM make every PL club board look like honest men.
    Go check to see how RM achieved their dominance.
    After Fabreags they too have decided to try and do it cheaply and more dishonestly than usual..
    These are the SCUM who ruined football LONG BEFORE Chelski & MC tried the same game.

  43. Stop jumping up and down. The add-ons (whatever they are)

    Take the overall price up to around £30m. Still not great but it’s enough

    money to buy Llorente *HINT HINT LEVY*!

  44. i just want him out so we can move on and find new players. £27m is enough to get a decent replacement. You cant look at every transfer as a direct comparison, else no one would ever sell for less than the £15m we spend on David Bentley!

  45. Chelsea were prepared to pay 40 mil so he defi steph is worth at least 35 so I’m a bit confused with the figure surely at least 32 million but let’s see unless the is undisclosed figures, you never know but to all the jealous people who are slating saying he’s not worth 40 well if he has 4 years on his contract and if lesser players have been sold for more then let’s leave the biased ideas out and look at what he is worth realistically because someone us worth whatever a club is prepared to pay for him within reason and in this case spurs may offload cheaper to Madrid rather than a rival buying him for more


  47. Just Get rid…. not worth 30 million anyway> One problem is the exchange rate,12 months ago
    base on £ 30million Modric would have cost RM £33 million Euros not the same amount is £38.5 milion Euros

  48. Levy has done well gettin that much and in the end Levy did what was best for Spurs, he sold a pain that cost us champions league and to a club outside of the premiership that was the main thing, get behind levy, AVB and the team, its time to move on. COYS

    • If you were Levy, and negotiating to buy players, you would want the world to think you had got as little as possible for Modric. You won't find out the price Real paid till next month. Work it out.

  49. @John Duckett the anti-semetic prick I don’t appreciate your two bob comment about Jews. I’m Jewish I’m not tight and neither are any of my mates. Your one of these small minded unintelligent arse wipes who believes in stereotypes of what people make up about people’s races. I’m surprised you even support a team which is owned by a Jewish company yet alone having black footballers in it. Go back to the sewer.

  50. Some of you make me laugh really you do, you seem to all have access to Tottenhams bank balance! no one knows how much transfer kitty AVB has, the selling of players is to reduce the wage bill just as much as getting a good price (which isn't looking likely), I admit £23.5m does make me feel a little sick in the stomach if it is true as I reflect back on the £30+ mil we could have got from Chelsea. I'm sure we are at this stage every single blooming season! theres always something negative to bang on about and moan and whinge!! Spurs fans are the most depressing fans I know (exlcuding myself and a few others) We've made two good signings and there will be more (I hope), so wait until the facts are there and the transfer window is closed before you start jumping on the 'Bitching Bus' how about starting with a SMILE..!! and progressing from there ??? COYS!!!

  51. just sell him and move on but tell me something are we now gonna do a Spain and have no strikers?
    this is sick maybe its just me who feels like its time to PANIC !!!!!!!!!!

  52. Worth more than that but just sell him and take the money, its been going on for too long and if he stays he will just play awful for us. Take the money and get a replacement like Moutinho, Pjanic or Meireles? Dont get me wrong im a spurs fan for life but Levy is getting ridiculous now if we want to secure CL and progress in the league we need to invest in players just like Chelsea have done (players like Lloris, Moutinho, M'Villa, Damaio, Llorente, Sturridge) I think a bargain buy would be Javier Hernández and Nani! Both proven them selves in the premier league and both top players! Sell the likes of Bentley, Huddlestone, Jenas, Dos Santos and Dawson (far to slow) Levy should of tried doing a cash + player swap with modric and £10m for Higuain or Benzema? Goal Keeper and striker is a must for us this summer


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