Modric unhappy at Spurs training ground – rumours


Luka Modric - Tottenham news

The latest whispers on the Tottenham Hotspur message boards (credit to COYS and FTL) are that Luka Modric hasn’t been in the best of moods at the training ground.

Obviously with all rumours, nothing is 100% concrete but apparently the little Croatian feels let down and asked what Spurs have done for him.  It looks like he still has his heart set on a move to Chelsea.

It’s disappointing to hear this as a Spurs fan – we took a chance on Modric when other clubs were put off, including Arsenal because of his size.  Redknapp and co are working on Modric and are trying to bring in some players to make him happier at the club.

So what should we do?  Keep an unhappy player at the club to show that we mean business, or will it have a detrimental effect on the mood and spirit of the rest of the players?


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  1. Let him rot in the reserves if necessary. Someone has to stand up to footballers. He signed a 6 year deal and now wants to go after one. If Tottenham lose Modric, what is the point of the premier league? Last week, Manchester City worked out an ingenious way of getting round the fair play rules which Chelsea will, no doubt, do as well so to retain any credibilty in England clubs like Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool, Villa etc. have to stay strong or the league will be even more 'who has the richest owner'.

    • couldn't agree more. Dont forget that this is the same player that a year ago signed a new contract and made a statement that he wanted to show loyalty to Spurs and signed the new contract in order to fend off a bid made by chelsea! has he forgotten his morals in a year?

    • Why does everyone say “let him rot in the reserves” as if it’s the answer. A player messing up the first team will be even worse in the reserves and it is disrespectful to the reserves trying hard to get into the first team.

      Players have the power and paying high wages to a player who is also ruining the reserve teams development is self destructive.

      He wants to sulk he don’t wanna play for Spurs, get top dollar, replace him with a higher scorer and move on

    • Yeah, Let him rot in the reserves – that's a good idea. Let's cut off our nose to spite his face. £35 mil? Who cares? Who needs it anyway? Do you have a spare £35 mil? Then shut up.

      He's signed a five year deal so he's going to have to decide if he's going to be a twat and not try or shut up and play. If we make the Champions League next season then good. Perhaps he might want to stay. If we don't then he, Bale, BEA, VDV are off and we start rebuilding again from scratch. That's just the way it is.

      But the arse have kept fabregas for 2 years when he clearly wants to go so I don't see why we should have any more trouble

    • Totally agree with you,nobody twisted his arm to sign a new contract and as Spurs took a chance on him unlike the other clubs who did not it would be nice to see a little gratitude from him. I wish we could have a manager like Brian Clough who would stand up to these players and a spell in the reserves would do them good and send a clear warning to all these users.

    • fuck spurs and fuck levy. if they were serious about getting into the top four they would have spent money last season and bought some decent players and they wouldnt price their players out of the market this season. hopefully luka goes to chelsea and gets away from ungrateful shithead fans like big (fuckhead mal).

  2. I'll tell you what you do,you don't listen to a load of b0llox from a bunch of mugs.

    Yes,he's bound to be a but fed up but it's still fresh in his mind.

    And anyway,who says Chelsea still want to buy him ?.If they were that serious surely an initial bid that reflected his worth would have been lodged,or a significantly bigger follow up bid would have emerged in the past few days ?

  3. Either send him home with his dummy, and I don’t mean his agent. Let him sit and think about things.

    Or give him part of his wish and sell him, but only to another club, in another country.

    If we can’t have him, why should anyone else.

  4. Forgive me if I’m wrong but the only offer has been for £22m. Does he seriously think we should sell him for that pathetic sum when the ink on his 5 year contract is till wet? Whats he fucking thinking, that we should happily wave him off to our rivals with a smile on our face? He’s a young lad, he will get a move, but until then he can help Spurs become a top team. I hope he’s not being advised to kick up a fuss to try and force our hand! One more year is all we ask, after that, I’d be sad but understand him leaving.

  5. Firstly, I don’t take any stock of totally unsubstantiated ‘rumours’, but if he is a bit moody then tough. What kind of a negative effect can one moaning player really have? Anyway, he isn’t being sold this Summer either way, Levy has set out his stall and there’s no way back for him now

  6. Levy has clearly read him the riot act. Now he is feeling sheepish. He'll settle down and the new squad will take shape over the next week. We can be calm.

  7. Please if you a spys fan. Lay of Modric discussions till the dust settle. Especially unconfirmed rumours. Even its ture, let the club deal with it internally. Harry was an absolute idiot to talk about Modric emotional state to the press. I hope he knows it that he has been an absoulute idiot. As for the rest of the spurs loving fans, don’t add any fuel more to the matter. Chelsea or any club who wants him would take any advantage to unsettle the player and the club

    Coys !

    • Totally agree. The sooner we stop talking about it, the better the chance of the dust settling. Anyway, regardless of his supposed mood now, I believe that he'll behave professionally once the season gets under way – It's not in his interest to do otherwise!

    • well said we should just wait but it does sound slightly suspicious that he may be keen on a move to chelsea its true we have a fantastic squad and need to add id say 3 top class players but losing modric will be a blow and we need that top 4 dont we……

  8. Rather keep this unhappy player than selling him now. If we sell we loose. Other players like Bale etc will also want out. Not selling is ofc a gamble, but I’d rather gamble than admit that I’ve lost.

  9. maybe you can start with not posting any more of this senzational gossip shit. let’s just get on with the new season

  10. We’re our own worst enemies at times. Rumours and speculation will be rife at the moment as many are frustrated at the lack of movement in the transfer window so far!

    I cant say I’d be that pissed, getting paid £70 grand a week and playing football in front of thousands must be a real drag!

  11. Why is this story still running on spurs blogs are you all chelsea supporters or what? SHUT UP!! he's staying end of…..unless you have a better player for his position that is ready to move to us!!!!

  12. Drop him or let him train with the reserves until he grows up and picks up his toys! Its not like he is going to be a poor man if he stays with us and one even two seasons without CL is not going to kill him. If you want CL so much go home to Zagreb, then see how happy you are, ponse!

  13. You start off clearly saying it's a rumour , yet within a few paragraphs report it as though it's a fact! How do you know that he wasn't suffering from piles? I do know that the whole episode has been a pain in the arse for me and many others, at least move on to Bale, he's going cold!

  14. No offense mate, but you are in a position of power as a blogger and this constant stoking of the Modric fire is only detrimental to the Club.

    You know the crap websites like FootballFancast and the Trasfer Tavern make a living off ripping off and rephrasing what they find on NewsNow feeds, and this will inevitably spawn many copycat articles stating a fact that Moric is unhappy at Spurs.

    Please stop this.

  15. Like you say we took a chance on him and paid a club record fee. Last season he was class but imo he is partly to blame for our bad results. I lost count of the number of sitters he missed and i remember quite a few being in matchs that we were drawing at the time. So mr modric, if you had scored a few more then maybe we would of had cl but he aint a striker and most of the blame goes to defoe,crouch and pav.

    Having said that i think its pathetic that modric wasnt offered more than 45,000 a week, unbeleivable!

    Levy, redknapp [email protected] sort it out and buy some bloody strikers.

  16. No Brainer. Dont sell no one if you dont want to…….TRADE TRADE TRADE!

    We have our own billionaire in JOe Lewis we dont need Chelseas money….People forget 15 years ago they were shaking buckets outside there ground for pennys “save the bridge” campaign. They aint chelsea there russia in blue.

    Modric unhappy cause we wont let him go! Say luka you can go me ole son….but I dont need money I have plenty thanks. If they offer us Torres and sturriage as a Trade you can go…..there you go luka I am being totally upfront and saying you can go…..but only if they offer us players not cash and as they want you as a top player ,Then I want theres! simple pick the bones from that.

    All in all good as he is on the ball 4 goals from midfiled is hardly world beating and sandro is looking good modric can be replaced seriously.

    Just one opinion.

  17. Articles like this one can only serve to inflame the situation FFS. If you cant see this then you are either a dunce or masquerading as a Spurs fan, perhaps your a Chelsea fan in disguize. Get it in your head once and for all, Modric has 5 years remaining on his contract, he is a professional footballer at a top European club who pay his wages as a result, he has to get on with it, he isnt a child and his name is not Dimitar Berbatov. So please, if you cant think of anything good to right about just shut your trap.

  18. how could chelsea offer that poor money for him and he wants to leave,may be they just need him to fill their reserve bench and playing him the last 15 min.if he is that atractive for them they will offer over 40 like they did for please dear modric,dont climb to high or else you fall from a very high level,look what happend to others like berbatov eg.

  19. They should have accepted 22 mil, because that’s all he’s worth, he doesn’t score enough Goals but he’s playing with inferior player in comparison to Chelsea, I can see this one dragging on and I think he will end up at The Bridge.

    • But I think you're an idiot, but that's an opinion, 22 million, if I were Modric I'd be personally insulted by the derogatory offer, II'd tell them to stuff it,then wait for a bigger club with a touch of class to come in for me with a sensibly bid.

  20. I certainly would not be selling him to the likes of a rival. Tell him if he really wants to leave it will be to another Country but we are not in the game of giving players like him a chance when nobody else would. Then him expecting because he has proved himself with us that he can just walk off to the club of his choice. It has to be pointed out to him that having taken a big chance with him that we as a club deserve some loyalty. Yes I would offer to double his wage because he certainly deserves to take home more than the likes of Keane but let him ropt as far as Chelsea are concerned.

  21. What can you possibly do in a situation like this; you don’t want him to go, and his heart won’t be in it during the halftime team talk when we’re one nil down against arsenal while all his teammates look over at his glum face… how could we possibly know what his mood is? How can we possibly know what his attitude would be like. I think we should hold out for 45mil and buy a quality replacement and a quality striker with added funds. Then forget it and move on. Show Bale and VDV that we mean business by replacing him with quality players and then beat the utter shite out of chelsea on the pitch. The pitch is the only place to show a player like Modric the opportunity that he missed. Maybe he doesn’t realise that before Chelsea became Chelski, they were a mid-table team at best, and that Man City were Championship/Div 1 quality before the UAE billions. He doesn’t realise that he’s onto a genuinely good thing if he stays at a club like Spurs and wins something here. Maybe I’m cynical but for all of the media comments about this ‘not being a money motivated decision’, its pretty much a money motivated decision to move to Chelsea – patently obvious.


    The football world is waching, will Spurs back down or will they finally stand up the football agents and overpaid players. Let Modric rot in the reserves if he try to make a “Berbatov” on the club.

  23. Having read these posts I'm now beginning to realise how dangerous a keyboard and internet connection is when under the control of feeble, fickle-minded so-called supporters.

  24. Your'e right of course, but equally what message would selling him give out to the likes of VDV and Bale. Believe me, with the emergence of Sandro, we'll be facing this situation many times over. Levy is in a lose-lose situation and will be until we can compete on equal terms with the cash riche clubs, who can afford to lose millions, where we simply cannot. The stadium and all the ill's that beset it, is the only longer term solution, unless a Billionaire wants to throw silly money at the club.

  25. can see why hes fucked off though, i watched 4 games last season and we were pathetic to be fair – signing garbage like crouch and keane and keeping jenas would seriously piss you off too.

  26. First of all WE DONT HAVE A RESERVE TEAM!!! Secondly i dont believe the rumours, even if he isn’t happy, who cares, suck it up you little rat and play for the team who put all their faith and £17 million into you!!

  27. What a load of rubbish you’re writing, this is the sort of cack printed in the mail latching onto redknapps unwise ‘confused’ words. Stop writing about made up ITK rubbish, like they’ve been training with him and having a good old chat. Write something positive or a change instead of trying to score hits! Question your validity as a spurs fan it you’re published this anti spurs stirring the pot tripe.

  28. Firstlt his states are rubbish and i truly belive if we sold him we would be the winners . The problem is this would cause our other medal chasers to jump ship and tell other teams we have low ambitions and only want to make money from sales. Levey is a supporter and a shrewd business man and he knows Modric is sulking but so ar his fans especially the ones who have put Modric on the back of there expensive shirts. This is one battle Levey must win and Modric should realise he plays better with Huddlestone alongside him and without him we failed to get fourth and Modrics assists and goals where poor and he also missed vital games with his appendix operation so he owes us a good season If we are not showing ambition by January then he can leave with my blessing, This is one battle we must win because next year bullying will stop if Blatters Poodle Plattini is true to his word and expels any team who fails the new rules including crafty who porned there ground when the council own it very clever. Modric should understand we had some very bad and long injuries at the wrong times and Gomes gaffs dident help

  29. As one of the prevous writers said “zip it”. This posting is analogous to throwing petrol on a fire. I can see how Chelsea will seize on it gleefully and say “Spurs fans think Modric is unhappy at Spurs and should be allowed to go to Chelsea”.

    If Spurs do sell then do not reward clubs such as Man U and Chelsea whose behaviour over transfers is questionable re Spurs. If he must go sell him to Man City, Liverpool or even Arsenal, if not to one of the European giants.

  30. You know we're in trouble when a bunch of know-nothings at COYS and FTL are suddenly making the headlines.

    And how embarrassing that you regurgitate it.


  31. He was my fave player – now he looks like another uber-selfish Berb type. Remember that popular facebook group ‘Berbatov should have cu*t tattooed on his forehead’? Looks like modders is after a group of his own.

  32. People need to remember Modric’s contributions to the team… his commitment is second to none. But the boy wants to win trophies and he’s 25 years old. You can’t blame him for having ambitions. As of date, Levy has done nothing to show the players that we’re aiming high. We’re still stuck with the same strikers we ended the season with… with nothing in sight.

    If I was in Modders shoes, I would be concerned as well.

  33. John the answer to your Question his you cant no what mood he is in and that goes for his form after the January window closed he could have missed the open goal against Chelsea on purpose Harry will drop him if he thinks he is playing bad we cant let him go or we will be sulking like Arsenal fans and have a domino team with more getting tapped Chelsea could be kicked out for the Wembley year in the champions league because they cant make enough profit without the Stolen ABV oil.. This is why Levey wants to be thrifty and i think our strikers with less Kolo Toure defenders and no bad injuries a fit Hudds Bale Lennon we can still get into fourth in Levey we trust in Modric we have too

  34. Keep him, of course. And pay him a salary commensurate with what he’s worth. Wenger is rumored to have offered Nasri 110K a week to stay; Harry should offer Luka 90K at least – and Bale, too.

  35. What a typically “daily mail” article!!! Not a

    single quote or shed of evidence & the whole

    piece is based on rumours & fabricated assumptions!

    Reading the article u have printed anyone would think

    u were working 4the scumbag mail or NOTW!

    If luka is as fickle as ur websites would have us believe

    then I say see u later…I would personally prefer (although appreciating levy’s stance) a comment from the player. Nothing means he is simply

    fuelling stupid rumour monger websites like this!

    If he wants 2go cu later!I have seen far better at WHL

    but would love him 2stay. As we r always reminded no

    player is bigger than the club.

    If we want 2 reclaim our top 4 status & finally

    challenge 4the title selling out best players 2our

    rivals sends out the wrong mssge completely.

    If u are happy with mid table &an occasional

    cup run sell luka,bale &rafa 2 utd, citeh & chelski

    &sit back counting the pennies 4years 2 come

    on ur own in an empty stadium…

  36. Modric is in my opinion the best centre midfield player in the Prem.I would hate to see him go,But if we are to lose him it has to be to either Real Madrid or Barcelona,not Cheatski.Why on earth should Spurs help any of our rivals in the Prem.A player of Modric’s quality should be playing at the top level,and unfortunately we cannot give him that.I see him in a Madrid shirt pulling the strings in midfield like Zavi and Iniesta do for Barca.£50ml Jose and he’s yours.If you win the Champions within a year,that rises to £60ml and we have a sell on clause that we get 10% of the fee.

  37. Storm in a tea cup.

    He's under contract, he will be fine when the season starts if we have signed players. Ignore it, jis mood will change when players come in.

  38. Big Mal I make you dead right! These bloody little tossers don't deserve our adoration, as they just throw it back in our faces despite the fact that even on a measley £45,000 A WEEK, they are still earning almost double what the average fan earns in a bloody year!!!!
    They are all self obsessed and to see how upset and disappointed my two little lads are, because they really did think that Modric was different, is saddening. Football in this country is now a total joke at the highest level, and I have to say I see more loyalty from my two lads when they play for absoloutlet NOTHING (modric you listening), for their little local clubs!!!!

  39. To answer your question; “What would you do”? I would probably try and avoid spreading rumours about how he’s feeling.

  40. Options

    1 – Put a £50 million pound price tag on him. Tell him “If Chelsea want you that bad they will have to pay that for you”

    This might seem excessive. But if Andy Carroll is worth £35 million….you get the drift

    2- Hope he doesn’t continue to sulk and shows some professionalism. Hope it blows over once the season starts and stick to our guns.

    The thing is, its all well and good saying we should just take the money. But every time we take this stance with a player it sends out the message that we are just a stepping stone club/selling club. And thats not a tag thats ever going to get us anywhere

    I stay we keep personally

  41. What a crock of shit. Some of the shit I read about Modric amongst others is unbelievable, almost “News of the World” shit. The adage were the “club is bigger than the player” doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I can just see Fergie’s face and imagine his reaction if Modric walked in and sulked that he cant go play with “Chelsea”. Bravo to Levy in laying down the law. Maybe in future players will not sign lenghty contracts because they are not worth the paper they are written on! Lets face it he earns more money than the total gross national income of Croatia, could buy at least three Croatian towns outright. Lets be straight here, we will depending on progress, have him for 12 more months. If the wheels are falling off come January then we will make a cool 30m+ on him…FACT. To see so many of us consumed by this saga is staggering, we should be looking forward to new signings and the season ahead

  42. I had a friend at the News Of The World who I get info from but for some reason I can’t get hold of him for the latest news.

  43. I guess he is just showing a bit of dissapointment as any other player would do especially during all the fuss going on with him.. Surely he has to be determined and commited to what he is doing at our club, especially if he wants to do something great! ;-))

  44. 12 months ago he signed a SIX year deal

    Everybody talks about his £45k per week – They ignore his "image rights" payments.

    As stated in court last year – Wayne Rooney gets 75% of his salary on top of his wages.

    If Luka is on a similare deal that takes him past £ 75k per week plus bonuses?

    He' s hardly bloody starving is he?

    I vote we keep him and make a stand and that Messrs Redknapp & Levy add quality to the squad.

    Worst case if we dont make the top 4 is to get another year out of him and if he's still PISSED OFF then sell him then – preferably abroad.

    Yes he's VERY good, but he's NOT the very best is he?

    Also, NO PLAYER is BIGGER than this club! – End of !!!


  45. What message does it send to new potential signings that once you sign for spurs and play well then no matter what dream job is offered (chelsea ,real madrid ,man city ,man u ,etc )that the club will say no way are you moving happy or unhappy they are refusing that player ambition and a future he wants

  46. being as u ar complete prick mate putting this garbage out really helps spurs or are u a so called supporter of aother club dickface ,my word i am trying to be nice why dont u ans the comments on hear or is the commercial side getting to u


    your are just one of the new vogue supporter who slags the team off all the time and moans just like the arsewipes in the paxton



  47. Chelsea offered 22m as they know it will cost them approx 30m over the next five years on his wages. They knew they could unsettle modric by offering him the wages and CL football. So they kept the fee low to save themselves some cash. If we caved in they got themselves a decent player. If we held firm as we have done, they have unsettled him and in doing so not only caused us a bit of disruption but we are going to have to increase our expenditure and break our salary cap rule. This opens the doorway to further players wanting more and hence seriously screwing up our income to salary ratios. So either way they gain something be it on the pitch or off.

    Spurs are stuck in that position where we are sitting outside the big four and do not have the same financial clout. So it is very easy for those clubs to simply offer our players the chance to move up. But if we give in, then we simply cannot compete with them. The days of player loyalty have gone and the prem league is about business. So clubs do what they can to break the opposition and make them less of a threat.

  48. We quite literally own him for 5 years. He was easily my Favourite player, but because of his behaviour, I honestly think we should keep him in the standas for 5 years, which would destroy his career. Poor behaviour from him, I feel depressed.

  49. you drag these foreign scum out of the gutter

    put them on a pedestial

    make them multi millionairs

    and the little pikey croation throws his toys out the pram

    make him rot on the bench or at the training ground

    i hope levy sticks to his guns.

  50. If its true that Modric wants to join Chelsea then this is a good reason to see Football as a true falsity. What it basically means is that the Premier is just Chelsea , Man U and Man city. The rest can go fuck themselves and make up the numbers. Does it make any sense to buy season tickets for a club not in the big three if as soon as you get a good player all the others must have him and will get him.Modric is a wanker like most pro footballers. We should tell these mugs before we get them if its an honour to play for the Spurs if not then on your bike. I remember Paul Miller who every fucking time he pulled on a Spurs shirt was like the first time and also O'hara.

  51. Sunderland fan Here.

    If Spuds are offered £20 -30 million take it…If he’s unhappy, then he is best moved on and as quickly as possible. There will always be another player, maybe even better than him to take his place.

  52. Modric has been a true professional until this summer. I say we keep him for at least another year. Chances are he’ll come around and make the best of the situation he’s in. I’d say we offer him higher wages in January if he plays well til then. We shouldn’t reward players for throwing fits. Top priority for spurs though has got to be shifting the fringe players on top wages, ie. Keane. So far I’ve been impressed by the firm stand Levy has taken this summer. Now to see if he can land a big name or two to give us the edge this year.

  53. hold a gun to his testicles and tell him to quit his bitching. give him zero power and if he keeps on then sell him abroad, and punch that mouthy bald-headed ray wilkins. get a job you bald headed bastard

  54. I agree with Jon – Levy playing hardball over Modric has impressed me greatly. Modric has a contract with Spurs and damn right he should be made to honour it. This player power nonsense has gone WAY too far, almost to the stage where there’s little point having contracts, because if a player wants out, he does exactly what Berbatov did – he spits out his dummy and throws a temper tantrum, then sulks until he gets his own way, just like a spoiled bratty child. Good man Levy for sticking to your guns on this. If Modric wants to sulk and bitch to the press, dump his scrawny ass in the reserves until he gets it out of his system. As much as I’m loathed to quote Fergie, he’s got a point – NO player is bigger than the club he plays for. COYS!!


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