Modric promises to get back to his best


Luka Modric - Tottenham news

Luka Modric has told Tottenham Hotspur fans that they are about to see him at his best again.

The Croatian midfielder has suffered an injury hit campaign, but showed glimpses of his very best during the 1-1 draw against Everton.

Spurs fans will be delighted to hear that Modric is starting to feel confident that his best form is around the corner – let’s hope it arrives in time for Saturday’s trip to Manchester United.

“It’s always tough against Everton and this was exactly the same,” Modric told Spurs’ official website.

“I think this was my best game of the season so far. I feel better and better every game and I will start to play much better.”

“I thought we deserved to win,” added Modric. “We were unlucky with some chances and it was a good point after a tough game in Milan on Wednesday.

“We were the team pushing to win but couldn’t find a way through in the second half.”

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  1. Fascinating how Spurs fans give Modric all the time in the world to get back to any form but Crouchie gets pilloried straight away,,,


  3. that' lanky tat' as you so eloquently put it,Vince, got you into 4 th place and thru the first round of the CL with a hat trick. Didn't notice any complaints then..Agree with you tho John-Modric most overrated player in side – after Pav tat is!!

  4. Jude – Modric has been given time because he is top quality and has been working to get back to full fitness after a serious lonf term injury. Crouch has no such excuse but is still started time after time without scoring. Pav is the player that should feel pilloried as he is streets better than Crouch but has never been given a run of starts to gain confidence and really show what he can do.

  5. Agree with Dave. Even if Crouch has a bad game he still starts. But Pav has to be consistent all the time? Given the amount of minutes Pav has played compared to Crouch, i'm sure he gives a better goal ratio. Why talk about the 1 important goal that Crouch scored? Pav scored plenty of important goals for us last season.
    Can't believe those who are having a go and Modric either. We saw important he was for us last season. With VDV in the side, the pressure is taken from him. Modric is a class player. Hard working and good football sense.

  6. crouch is awful, there is not one forward inside top 10 i would call worse than him. saying he is important, adding a dimension???? what dimenson is that? 2D??? he is crap, always has been, always will be!! and the assist in the last game?? it was all hard work from vdv, he run after the ball, crouch did not have any control on that, a jellyfish coulb be hit by a ball, and vdv scored. crouch is the worse i have seen in a long,long time. and that he starts all those games is beyond me. modric is a great player, and he proved that last year!!!!!

  7. i am with dave, crouch is a sorry exuse of a forward. never really understod why in jacobs name we bought him in the first place. he does not score goals, NEVER has-NEVER will. the goal pav scored agains fulham, is a goal spaghetti-legs would never have scored!!! because he would have started towards the ball after it had hit the woodwork, not before(like pav), andor tangled his own legs togheter. he is awful. if somebody here can name 6 forwards in the top 6, that is worse than crouch, please do so, i cant think on enyone. modric is a great player, and he has proven that!!!!!!!!! kols

  8. Pavlyuchenko has scored 12 goals inn 52 apps. Now for a goalgetter with no passing abbilites what so ever, that's just awfull. I'm not saying courchie is good enought, but atleast hes a constant threat in the air, and have had a couple of beutifull assits this seasson. How many of Vaart's goals would haveh happened without crouchie?


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