Modric’s “head not right” to face Man Utd


Luka Modric Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp has claimed that Luka Modric’s ‘head’s not in the right place’ to face Manchester United this evening.

Redknapp feels the 25-year-old may have been able to play with the injury, but revealed he is not currently in the right state of mind to be involved at Old Trafford.

“He’s got a little bit of an injury,” said Redknapp. “There’s a possibility he could have played through it.

“But at the moment his head’s not in the right place.”

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  1. I read elsewhere he was on strike, if that is the case he is throwing his dummy out of the pram, this would make me more determined not to let him go, fine him and as he is acting like a child let him train with the kids until his head is in the right place, if Chelski offer £40 million let them have the brat, he has effectively already gone

  2. If Harry has made the choice not to pick him then fair enough. But if these gone on strike rumors are true then he needs to be taught a lesson and if that means dropping him for the next 5 years then so be it.

  3. Why the fuck does Harry insist on playing this out in public, giving further encouragement to Chelsea.

    I really, really hope Levy doesn’t give in now, having held out this long.

    • I’ve felt all along that Redknapp has wanted to sell him, he’s toeing the party line with regards to not selling, while at the same time dropping hints and giving out info that make it sound like he’s available.

      The lesson we as spurs fans need to grasp is to stop voting foreign players as our Player of the Season! Berbatov = stroppy and leaves, Dawson = fine and dandy, Modric = stroppy and…

  4. I would leave him to rot in the reserves, this is all about money, dont care if Modric says its not, he was happy to sign a new contract only six months ago to get more money,
    It is not about winning more trophies with Chelsea, because they won nothing last year and will probably win nothing again this year.
    If Levy does decide to give in the Modric and sell, then sell him abroad but not to any club in this country.

  5. Jog on Luka. We stuck by you when you wanted to leave but realised the boss wasn't going to let you. Any decent/loyal player would get on with it but you've just shat on your own doorstep mate. If you didn't want to stay here, why sign a contract that keeps you here til 2016? Well after five years of sitting on the bench/staying at home/playing with the reserves, no one will want you. As much as I want to offload this disloyal prick, it gives out a bad message – and everyone will be after Bale in January.

  6. I have stated all summer it's not viable to sell luka but now i can't see any other option but to do so.I now hate him he has spat in our faces and this is the last straw imo we should not sell to chelsea at any price but we should do a swap deal with real madrid say between £25-28 million plus diarra i'd take that deal.All in all really disappointed with luka especially after the reception he got against bilbao he still treats us like this. I'm more disappointed than the berbatov saga as i did'nt think modric would be like this to us were still extremely talented in middle i think we will be fine can't wait to play the rent boys now chelsea scum your going down

  7. this is nothing to do with his mental state and H knows it, Already a done deal and Chelsea asked he not play to protect asset, in our interest too as we want full fee or cash + Sturridge not Benayoun plse. If cash deal hope it goes on some1 like Marin similar type but more of a goal threat. Oh no he wants to stay at werder bremen doesnt he (take note Luka). So let the mercenary git go an lets start building for future. I'd love it if we won tonite playin swashbuckling footy as in Hearts to plant seed of doubt in his mind. Probably couldnt careless tho + its all about the $..1 thing I will say us I think if we'd took more pts off mediocre sides an snatched 4th last yr he wouldnt be able to use the 'Spurs dont match my ambitions' excuse and we may not even be reading about this now.

  8. do not let him go at any price this window. Levy will totally lose face and it will be open season for all our star players. Nobody is going to believe that no means no. Redknapp needs to keep it shut and just say no comment if he disagrees with Levy. Sell the twat next summer but only for £40m plus

    • If he's sulking and not playing games then he won't be worth anything next season. He's at his prime and needs to be sold now if we are to sell him


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