Monday Night Football: Fan preview

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It’s Monday night football again and this time it’s at the ‘Theatre of Snores’ as we battle Mourinho’s baffled army of overpaid superstars and delinquent rejects. Whilst Phil Jones and Sergio Romero peer over the Old Trafford facade, they are greeted with a distinctively glorious smell of rich success exploding out of the Etihad.

Perhaps the best way to describe the ever increasing gap is through hyperbolic imagery: United are a spitting, cancerous Fiat with only one gear and City are a ravenous super car blitzing the rest of the Premier League. Surely this is the time Pochettino and his men exploit the inadequacies of United and prove to the Premier League pretenders that they are not the only ones who will be giving chase to City- with key players hitting form and Kane finding the net in August, morale is high and it would be the intention to keep it that way.

The provisional London Derby last week was hardly brilliant yet the convincing nature in which we put the game to bed was pleasing. It was at the Foster Home too, making it all the better.There is a part of me that wants this Monday game to be pure ecstasy before we all trundle off to work but inevitably this this game could spiral into a plundering 1-0. Unfortunately, a squealing Carragher isn’t my idea of Monday entertainment and quite frankly I don’t want to be reading on Tuesday about Pogba’s PR disaster or Rose’s transfer debacle.

‘Inspiration, champagne football; excitement’ all delirious phrases pitched to me before I clicked the contract button online for the ‘soccer’ coverage. That’d be great but Mourinho is about. So, let’s put him to the sword and show him who really lacks class. The World is watching gentlemen. I certainly will be.The Stadium situation is a massive mess and Levy will be hiding behind his golden couch hoping United get ‘Kaned’ . If not he has questions to answer and fast. Hopefully Levy realises on Monday night what talent we have and the step forward approach needed. Investment in the stadium and training complex is great, but the team will fill up the stadium and line his pocket. Tit for tat. Do the right thing Danny ol’ boy.

Up the Spurs.

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