Mourinho reveals whether Spurs are in crisis and if they can still make top four

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur are clinging on for dear life in the top half of the Premier League table after they lost to West Ham United at the London Stadium this afternoon.

Spurs currently sit in ninth place although Arsenal could climb above them with a win over Man City today.

The Lilywhites struggled to get things going against the Hammers today, going 1-0 behind soon after the match kicked off after Antonio finished his own rebounded effort.

Jesse Lingard made it 2-0 at the start of the second half and even strong performance from Bale off the bench and a Lucas Moura headed goal couldn’t recover a point for Tottenham.

The Lilywhites have now lost five of their last six Premier League games, raising questions over when a bad run of form becomes a full-blown crisis.

However, Jose Mourinho has insisted on the former, claiming that it cannot be considered a crisis when the team is pulling together. He also added that a top-four finish remains realistic for his side.

On the top four hopes, Mourinho said (Football London): “It is mathematically possible. When is mathematically possible, it is realistic.

“Very hard, yes, very hard, but mathematically possible. Of course, our team has problems, and the problems they have reflection on results and on points, but I also believe that a little bit of that light, a little bit of that luck that you also need in football to win matches, has to be back.

“And if that light comes back, is different. You hit the post and the ball goes inside or goes outside. The VAR decisions, many times, I am not speaking about today because today I didn’t watch, but many times are controversial, or are decisions by one inch.

“You sometimes need also a little bit of luck to go in your favour. I believe that if this team wins a couple of matches in a row, that the situation can change, and that we can still fight for top four.

“Of course, if you say nine points now, it is difficult, is very possible.

“And the Europa League. We are alive, and when we are alive, knowing that many difficult opponents, and everybody has the same ambition that we have, but Europa League is a window of opportunity that is open for us, and maybe we can also get to Champions League through the Europa League.”

On whether Spurs are now in a crisis, he added: “I don’t know what you mean by crisis.

“If crisis is frustration and sadness in the dressing room, I’d say so because nobody is happy and we all showed that in this game.

“When a team fights the way the team did until the last second, trying to get a different result, it’s never a group crisis, because groups are in crisis when you’re not together in the search for better results than you have.

“So I wouldn’t say crisis, I would say a bad, a really bad run of results. That is obvious. We’re losing too many matches.”

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  1. Jose has gone past retirement and is not upto date with the pace of the game.
    Look at Fulham “! they just keep running and playing entertaining football.
    Jose has got to get us more alert in games . Dier🧀 strolls around and does not contribute to other players standards .sanchez🍄 is awfully not a prem defender ..Doherty🍀 !! well he is play doughnut 🍩

    My team would be.
    Loris👌 tanganga 💨rodon☢ alder🍖 reg🚀🚀
    deli 🤖🤖 ndompele🌊🌊🌊 horb🐂🐂 locelso🚓🚓
    son😋 kane☢☢🚀 BALE🚀🚀🚀💨💨💨
    3 4 3


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