Jose Mourinho’s former assistant Ricardo Formosinho is confident that Tottenham Hotspur will win silverware this season and has claimed that the players have completely bought into the Portuguese’s ideas.

Formosinho served as a tactical analyst for Mourinho in North London last season but he left the club during the summer to pursue a career as a head coach.

Now based in his native Portugal, the 64-year-old is now said to be considering offers from Europe as well as the Middle East.

Formosinho is also seemingly keeping a keen eye on developments at Tottenham and he revealed that he has not been surprised by the team’s impressive start to the season.

He told The National: “Nothing’s surprised me because Jose is the best coach in the world,” 

“I know what Jose can do. But, for sure, the Tottenham this season play better football than the Tottenham last season, because Jose needs time. All coaches need it.

“If Jose can do a great thing with a small team, he can transform a very good team. But it doesn’t surprise me, because I believe and trust in Jose.”

Formosinho admitted that the Portuguese coach was determined to change the players’ mentality from day one and wanted the squad to develop a winning mentality.

He said: “All of us – the staff – follow the instruction of Jose. Jose is a coach with a big, big, big ambition. He looks always, every time, to win. Only one way: win. And he talked to us that we have to help him to support the players mentally.

“That’s the big change of the team, to the coach before… and Pochettino is a top coach, a great coach… but Jose is a different guy, a different coach. More aggressive. It’s win, win, win.

“Nobody can forget the players are young guys. They’re 22, 23, 24, 25. Some of them are kids. If you can get inside their mind, that’s the best thing. That’s the information Jose passed to us: we have to give the players confidence. It was always based around this.

“Good confidence, and show to them that to win is much better than losing. The players have to understand, to do everything every day just to allow the good performance to win. Let’s go to win, play to win. Every game is just to look for that.

“They have had time to improve. It’s not easy to have the time to speak to the players. Each one is different; nobody is the same. But all of them follow Jose; that’s why Jose now is very, very happy. Because the players are following his ideas, this strong mentality, this mentality to win. The players know if you sign Jose, it’s only to win, win, win.”

Formosinho confidently asserted that he expects Spurs to push for the Premier League title and backed Mourinho to bring silverware to North London.

He added: “I believe that Tottenham this season will win some titles. If you ask can Tottenham win the Premier League, yes they can. As you know, the Premier League is not easy to win, because five or six teams can do it. But I believe they can win the Premier League and other titles this season.

“Because the players are good, they have the best coach in the world, Jose has a very good strategy, and the players believe in him. It’s very important.

“I see that the players now follow the coach, because they understand that Jose is the best one in strategy, the best coach possible. And if the players believe in him, they are in the right way.”

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