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Chelsea captain John Terry says Tottenham’s Luka Modric would be welcomed at Stamford Bridge.

Terry should mind his own business and keep his mouth shut when it comes to talking about players from other clubs and will only add fuel to the hate which we have for him.

“He’s a world-class player who is very difficult to play against,” he told Sky Sports News.

“He’s very agile, very quick and a great finisher like we’ve seen over many years.

“I know there are problems. It’s probably a little bit disrespectful towards Spurs… [to talk about the situation].

“He has his own problems at the moment.

“We’ve got a good squad of players. If he comes he could certainly add to that.”

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  1. oh really, of course he is difficult to play against, especialy an old git like lumplard…… and if he is playing for them, he won’t be difficult anymore … simples

  2. Terry never said he was disrespectful. He was talking about the line of questioning and the fact they were asking him to comment on a spurs player. Im a Spurs fan through and through but you people need to read and listen properly before writing this shit.

  3. Grow up mate, he was asked the question and so answered it. I hate john terry but moaning about him commenting on modric is pathetic. Modric is talented but rarely scores and can’t tackle, we should take 30million and replace him. Otherwise will end up like the berbatov saga, will still leave last minute and leave us with a desperation signing as a replacement.

  4. First up I cannot stomach John Terry, however he was completely in the right and was answering a direct question. But if I wanted a representative for my football, then it wouldn't be him in a million years. Perhaps people should read and listen carefully about quotes attributed to players. Modric, according to the Daily Mail anyway only played tonight out of respect for the staff. He is upset that his transfer request wasn't accepted and fully intends to submit another in the next 24 hours. Now read the piece and you'll fail to see any quote direct or otherwise and the whole thing is merely the reporters supposition .Modric could've said simply "I'm not wearing the armband, and my ankles still painful" No-one would be any the wiser, would they?, now there's a thought!

  5. Stop being over-sensitive. Modric has made it clear where he wants to be, and it isn’t at Tottenham but at Chelsea. It’s on the record. If it had been otherwise then Terry might be accused of tapping him up.

    The club might as well get on with selling Modric for big bucks because this situation will keep running just like the Cesc issue at Arsenal.

    You talk about the hate of Terry, but what about Modric? So long as he is forced to wear white he is a hero, but when he moves across town he is a scumbag?

    • The only thing on RECORD is his agent saying "He's going to South Africa and is under contract to Tottenham", everything else is a reporters version of events matey! You show me a single quote form Modric or his agent about handing in a transfer request?, and I'll give you a tenner cash!, it's people ou like who read what they want to read that make the press thrive, read the Mail and show me a single actual quore anywhere and another tenner's on it's way..however in return I'll accept a written quote from you saying I cant find one Essexian, and I am a total twat for not reading things properly!

  6. Maybe this is all a plan to scupper Chelsea and stop them getting the MF they need. Modders says he wants to go, prick teases them and then tells them to fuck off in the final hour transfer deadline.

  7. Has modric ever actually said he wants to leave and play for chelsea? I’ve not seen a direct quote, interview, tv clip, soundbit or anything. All I’ve seen is supposed quotes in the daily mail who stir the story and make up complete and utter rubbish. Most of the modric rumours that other site and tabloids have caught on to and copied originally came from the daily mail. The croatian news paper is the equivilant of the daily mail. Again, its very easy to make stff up or assume something. But so far levy, harry, bond, jordan, modrics agent, dawson, vdv have all said similar things about modric. He hasn’t handed in a transfer request, he won’t hand one in. He accepts the club doesn’t want to sell him. He won’t be a nuisance, he doest have a bad bone in his body etc. So its typical he plays tonight yet the daily mail are so anti spurs – pro sky top 4 that they will go to extreme lengths to try and destablise spurs. So now modric only played out of respect for the staff. Its ridiculous. Untill I hear it from lukas actual mouth I won’t believe any of it. He might be a bit upset about not being able to triple his wages, play cl footy and have a shot at the title BUT maybe he really is just getting on with it, realising he signed a 6 year contract but the papers, corrupt as they are, probably taking back handers from chelsea’s abramovich are writing made up storys and quotes.

  8. What he is saying to Modric is:" I like yr missus. Bring her along as I need some new desert".

    What did you expect from a guy who has no respect for his own club players?

  9. I think Levy knows he is going to lose Modric. He is just making sure he gets the right momey for him. If Chelsea said they are willing to wait till the last minute, then so be it. We shouldn’t settle for anything less than 35mil from Chelsea.

  10. I don’t think he said he was sorry for being disrespectful just that it was. The whole saga since the first derisory tap up bid has been disrespectful. If they had any respect they’d leave it instead of getting their players to keep stirring the pot. Terry doesn’t have respect for his own team mates let alone another team.

  11. It is all very fun to tell Terry to shut it, but how about something positive like Mabbutt's statement that Modric will be here next season and we will challenge for the title.

    Winning and team mentality is the main thing holding Spurs back now. (Possibly also strikers and management).


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