‘Never in a million years’ – Former Premier League defends backs Pochettino over Levy reports

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Former Leeds United defender Danny Mills believes that Mauricio Pochettino should snub a request to take a pay cut after reports emerged last week that Daniel Levy had made a plea for the former Spurs boss to do so.

The Daily Mail reported last week that the Spurs chairman had asked Pochettino to take a deferral or a cut on the £8.5million salary that he is owed by the club until he finds a new job.

Some Spurs fans were left shocked and embarrassed to learn that the club had reportedly approached the 48-year-old and his backroom staff over a wage-cut just a few months after dismissing them.

They saw no reason why the former Spurs boss would agree to have his salary cut or deferred.

Mills agrees with the fans’ sentiments and revealed that he would reject Levy’s request out of hand if he was in Pochettino shoes.

Reacting Levy’s rumoured request to the former Spurs boss, Mills told Football Insider: “If I was Pochettino and I was owed money by Spurs? No chance. I am sorry but I am not having it all.

“Why should he help the club? They sacked him. It is as simple as that.

“If he has a real affinity to the club then maybe he can extend the terms and have it over a longer period of time but if you were sacked by somebody why on earth would you do them a favour to help them out? No chance. Never in a million years.

“I am sorry but it is money owed. It was their choice to sack him. I would be saying, “Good one! Return to sender,” if I was Pochettino.”

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I agree that there is no reason for Pochettino to accept the wage-cut and he is well within his rights to reject Levy’s request given how he was treated by the club. However, the Argentine isn’t that type of person and I suspect that he will probably come around to accepting a deferral.

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  1. Rubbish, Poch didn’t lose his job because Levy didn’t like him. He lost it because he was crap at it. What other industry do you lose a job because of bad performance but continue to take a salary??


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