Neville and Carragher on whether Spurs are in the title race

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have given their take on how this season’s title race will pan out, and it appears neither pundit believes Tottenham have a chance of winning the title.

The former Manchester United and Liverpool pair were assessing the title race after Manchester City overcame Liverpool 2-1 at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday night.

The result took City to within 4 points of league leaders Liverpool. Tottenham sit in third place, six points behind Liverpool and 2 points behind Manchester City.

Jamie Carragher insisted that after the result on Thursday night, City will fancy their chances of retaining the Premier League title.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Carragher said: “Looking at it now, four points, we’ve said since the start of the season I think City are the best team in this league. I think it’s maybe 50-50, slightly in City’s favour, and I think they’ll fancy their chances.

“I think what we haven’t had for a few years is a real title race, going back even the last few years. Finally, it feels like we may have one.

“For Liverpool, yes the league is everything. But for City, it’s about more than the league. If Pep comes here for five years, it doesn’t matter how many league titles he wins, he will be judged on the Champions League, as he was at Barcelona. That’s the next big thing for City to do.

“If Liverpool can concentrate on the league, that might be the advantage they need.”

Neville meanwhile suggested that Liverpool have a great chance to win the league after a long time and should make sure they don’t pass up the opportunity.

When asked about Tottenham’s chances, the 43-year-old said Spurs don’t have the players nor the squad depth to compete with Liverpool and Manchester City.

Speaking about Spurs have a chance of winning the title, the former right-back said: “No, I don’t think so. That’s not being disrespectful to Tottenham, I don’t think they’ve got the depth and the quality of these two squads. They are a fantastic team, but they’re not at the level we’ve seen from these two tonight.”

While some Spurs fans will view these comments as being disrespectful to the club, perhaps not being considered title challengers is a good thing for the team and we can keep getting results and float under the radar.

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  1. Who gives a solitary f#¥k what that Sky gimp has to say. I find it unbelievable that Neville and Sky are so open and blatant in their quest to try to unsettle Tottenham and get Poch to Man Utd. That Darmesh idiot had to be told god knows how many times in a press conference to stop asking questions that had been answered for two days straight. Sky asking people what Poch would bring to Utd and Neville using every media platform possible to put Tottenham down but sing Poch’ praises. I love Poch comment about the youngsters involvement last night. “I hope they have a good future with US at Tottenham”. He didn’t say the club, he included himself in it with no prompt or reason. Add that to him saying “my aim is to one day win the premier league or champions league with Tottenham” and I get the distinct impression Tottenham have nothing to worry about. It’s almost a seasonal thing now. A couple of seasons ago it was Utd, last season it was Madrid and now we’re back to Utd. Gary Lineker gave the best answer to whether he’ll be moving…”yes he’ll be moving, to the new WHL”.

  2. What do you expect from an ex Liverfool and an ex ManUre so called experts.
    With the amount of hot air coming from these two twats the planet is doomed

    It is about time these idiots should not comment on their past teams
    If it was Liverpool or Utd 6 points behind then they would of course be challengers

  3. Wouldn’t you just love this smug pair to get crapped on by Spurs winning the PL?!
    Their mutual matey backside licking (Neville creeping around Carragher’s Liverpool and
    Carragher touting Poch for that ‘bigger’ – more ‘bloated’, rather – club, United) deserves
    a tasty ending!

  4. I am a Spurs fan. And this is a realistic assessment. When fit and fresh our 1st team is as good if not better than City or Pool. And that not only includes a DESK attack but a settled Belgian defence, a Rose / Trippier at their best and Wanyama / Dembele as a double pivot. Unfortunately we don’t have the money to buy the depth – we wanted Pulisic but can’t pay the 58mill the Rentboys can. KwP, Marsh, Skipp, Winks, Eyoma are a credit to our youth program (predating Poch, without diluting Poch’s contribution to improving youngsters and the Son, Alli and kanes of the world, and even Sissoko to be their best), but the reserves are not of the class of Mahrez, Gundogan or a Jesus. That’s why our best bet is to win a Cup and be in the top 4 – thats a successful season. Nothing wrong with not being a title contender when ones net spend is almost neutral against clubs that buy 75mill defenders and pay our RB 60+mill.


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