New White Hart Lane planning details revealed


New White Hart Lane - Header

Tottenham Hotspur have opened the new public exhibition to showcase the new details on the latest planning application for the revamped White Hart Lane.

It is important that if you have not signed the petition to lend your support to the development,  please do so now at the link below:-

To download the Public Exhibition brochure, click the link below

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  1. mega stadium……….my worry is it ISNT going to be big enough capacitywise when it is built….i think it needs to be around 65-70K. we can fill WHL to more than twice the capacity now…..with still a huge number of fans, who cant/wont get in the ground!

  2. I think a stadium of 55-60k is enough. I agree we'd have no problem filling a 70k stadium for matches against Arsenal, Chelsea etc. but I think we'd struggle to fill it for games against the Bolton's & Blackpool's. Watching games in half empty stadiums (Middlesbrough, Hull) is depressing and I wouldn't want that to happen to us and ruin the atmosphere we have down at White Hart Lane. I'd rather have difficulty getting tickets, but have a full stadium for every match.


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