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A trip to Newcastle is unlikely to be the highlight of the season for many Spurs fans. The ground is a misshapen monstrosity and the view from just under the roof is one of the worst in the Premier League. I believe officially, if you’re unlucky enough to get a perch in the back row of the away section, you can be as far as 2.8 miles from the far corner flag. It’s not ideal.

Nonetheless, on the back of four wins we head to St James’s Park in good spirits if not in total good health. Four wins on the trot have launched us up the table and near the Moneybags League place we covet, a spot that our opponents currently occupy. We may well be facing them with a not quite full strength outfit though as Adebayor struggles with a hamstring, and Kranjcar and Charlie attempt to shake off knocks acquired whilst turning out against Latvia. Both of the Croatians had to be subbed well before the end of the 90 minutes.

Younes Kaboul played for France against Albania so will have had a good look at Yohan Cabaye, the man getting rave reviews so far this season in the Geordie midfield as he almost single handedly attempts to upgrade Newcastle’s image from snarling to sophisticated. Carroll, Smith, Nolan and Barton were just pub brawls waiting to happen, Cabaye & Obertan are the leaders of a more absinthe, and Gitanes cafÈ culture, a change in outlook that is certainly working so far with the home team unbeaten. The Taylors, Krul and Collocini are chucking their bodies in the way of everything at the back whilst Ba, Best and Wor Shola take turns with surprising goal bursts up front.

As well as Adebayor, Van der Vaart, Lennon and Sandro will all provide Redknapp with selection options/headaches depending on your point of view.  Sandro and Parker in midfield gaining possession and feeding some combination of Modric, VdV, Lennon and Bale is a mouthwatering prospect; whether this is the time and occasion for Harry to unleash this formation on the world is a different question. The Togolese’s hamstring may help him with his striker dilemma.

Lee Probert is in charge.

Newcastle have shown that if you don’t take your chances against them they’re more than capable of taking advantage when they get down the other end so a good start to take advantage of any early possession we get is vital. We have built some momentum and with our next game being against a rather sorry looking Blackburn, we have a chance with a good result here to make real inroads at the top.  COYS.


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  1. How about an unbiased view from a Toon fan. We believe that Spurs have a very good team and Sunday will prove a the hardest test yet this season. Most of us would be happy with a draw as we playing a different style this season with the loss of our 'traditional' type centre forward and it takes time to adjust. However,whoever you are, i hope you eat your words come Sunday evening (I doubt it) as you are obviously a Spurs supporter but not a football fan – if you have the intelligence to understand that comment.

  2. I think you will find, the distance from a corner flag to its furthest away seat within SJP is just shy of 1/4 of a mile. You will also find that the distance within WHL for the same question is also just shy of 1/4 of a mile.

    You may be more pissed if you were sitting almost half a mile away in the San Siro though!

  3. Shite Hart Lane is a shit pit compared to St james Park you cheeky twat, and we don't feel the need to wreck our surroundings like you un-civilised bastards

  4. Hey, its only 2.8 kilometers! Don't forget your oxygen masks and duck for the overhead jet traffic. Leave children with nosebleed problems at home. Those with vertigo – please do not apply for seats as it takes EMU's hours to reach these levels.

  5. Come on Toon fans, don't embarras the club by biting to a thoughtless blog. I know it's not easy, but rise above these degenerates, let them get on with wrecking their local communitys and robbing hard working members of society. Although, they have done a job on White Hart Lane as it is truely a shithole #52000. Sorry couldn't resist!! Toon Toon!!

    • The reason ewhy German buildings fall down is because of Nsavvy fooking Toons doing their shit there in the 80's.You couldnt build your way outta a shit cake prick.And as for being hard you shit yourself every time the hammers came up.

  6. why all the hate, should be a good game. Newcastle have impressed me this season and their fans are passionate and deserving of success, although I think we'l win this. lets leave the riots out of this we live in the same country and it affects us all. coys

    • we dont live in the same country. they live in "drunkenslagville" and we live in "Burnaldidowntown". And guess why cos no one gives a fuck , they just move out to Herts and Essex.

  7. It's a good point about not taking your chances against us…that, and nothing else will determine who wins at the weekend. Our defence is pretty shit hot on paper but we give away too many chances…better teams than those we have faced will capitalise and make us pay. On the plus side….4 wins and a draw out of our last five home games against the yids,,….I for one am feeling confident.

  8. 2.8 miles? haha, i think you slightly over-exaggerated the term there which is still slightly baffling for one of our countries more aesthetically pleasing stadiums. but if you prefer your trips to stoke, blackburn, and bolton be my guest. as a toon fan we are all rightly so apprehensive of a very good spurs team coming to town but i think you slightly underestimate the rest of our midfield after only highlighting cabaye. tiote is coming to the fore again and with jonas causing trouble on the wings and with the pacey marveux and obertan vying for the other spot, we are in good shape. both teams like to attack and it should prove an exciting game. we managed to putplay you last year at home, and only a last-minute lennon goal would snatch a point. it may prove different this time, but i still wouldn't count spurs as a team who have the professionalism to come to a place like ours and roll us over. you are the favourites and rightly so, but i can see a share of the spoils once more. all the best this season lads.

  9. Very disrespectful article written by someone who obviously has no clue as to the history,tradition and passion of Newcastle united.

  10. Im a spurs fan and have worked in newcastle for long periods and know how passionate you lot are, ive been to the ground not only in the away fans but in the part where you dont need an oxygen mask, and its ok , but how many of you have been in the gods where they send the away fans. i realise you wouldnt want to spoil us and make us feel comfy , but its a crap view (tyne bridge looks ok) if ade and sandro are fit im sorry to say to you were beat you COYS.

  11. lol at the newcastle fans getting a bit twitchy about the ground. St James' is a lovely stadium but the view from the away end is awful (I am sure purpously). Newcaslte have had a good start to the season but from referee decisions you could well of lost 2 of your games already and you have yet to play a good side. Whereas the best side you have played is a weakened arsenal, we have played arsenal, liverpool, and both manchesters in an unlucky 6 game start and with all of that, a win in our game against you on Sunday could see us go above you with a game in hand, I think that puts things into perspective. COYS.

  12. Jewkesy either your maths isn’t up to scratch or you expect to win by five goals. Come the end of the game it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be looking down on us…unless you’re in the away allocation:)

    • I think you may need to back to the drawing board. you are 4 goals better off than us at the moment but we have scored more. if we beat you 3-1 as I predict, we will be looking down on you I am afraid on goals scored with a game in hand. maybe you should think about things before questioning my maths ability. I dont understand either. I wont be looking down unless I am in the away allocation, yes I am in the away allocation?? did you mean home!?!?!

    • Julio I am asumming you wasnt exactly king of your maths class either? If we beat you by 2 goals, our GD will go up by 2 and yours down by 2 leaving us on the same GD. We have scored more goals than you and therefore we will go above you in the league, with a game in hand at home to everton. Maybe you should look at the figures before questioning my maths ability. I will be in the away allocation and yes I will be looking down on you barcodes.

        • you did indeed. I will go with a 3-1 spurs IF adebayor plays. if he doesnt, we will knick it 2-1. I just think that with Bale playing and Lennon looking like he will play. your wingers bomb forward it may be costly against us.

  13. Come on guys let’s try and enjoy the moment. am a newcastle fan living in north London. Tell u the truth, tot never impressed me much, till Harry came along. that gives u the reason as why we got relegated a few years back, 5 managers in 2 years. last time we played u at spurs we didn’t look good, but when we played u home u where lucky to walk with a point. I guess this would be a good test for us to how far we progressed with our new player, and a good chance hatem, will be involved in the game. it will be interesting to c who will be at left back as santon is fast and can keep up with Leni. have to say colo was asleep in big parts of the wolves game, and we where lucky to get away with a win. Hope he z fully awake for this game. if our boys are up to it, show the same team spirit, and play there football at home, I could see 3-1 on the horizon. no disrespect to tot. but they are not very lucky when it come to playing to Newcastle home. in the past some of these fixtures ended up with 3-4-5-6 goals to the home side. sure with Harry about these score line was a thing of the past, however 2 heavy defeats to the Man’s and all of a sudden it’s not so impossible. Having said all that, these are multi millions squads. if our boys get over conifident, tot could just be the wake up call that we are all deriding. so stay focused boys, keep the team spirit the belief, and we will get a result! a win will establish more confidence and more self believe, we keep 4th sport unless everton does the unexpected and we go 3rd. (dream on) we have 3 hard games on the trot.. coming soon, a win here will give us good ammunition for these big games. SO COME ON BOYS

  14. The only toon with an education living in London, hope that he has a good view of what a decent stadium should look like from there. Apart from which I have an uncomfortable feeling about this one, especially if Spurs play their possesion loosing style. COYS

  15. And another thing there are no toons with an education in London, there are only toons with photographic memories for shite they see on American telly, thats why they say guy and awesome and rationale instead of reasoning, even Davspur is like fucking Oscar Wilde to them.
    Once Oscar was asked ewhat he thought of the Toon.
    He replied " Genius does not lend itself to the circumloctary modes of disadvantaged speech or come to that playing Football"
    I used to like the Toon when they had that fat geezer Ollie Burton playing for em and that other fat one (God rest hids Soul) Moncur. We always beat em 5-o or stuff like that but since they built that monstrosity (Great St James Park was) Its like a rigfht old slag drinking Crystal from a Doctor Marten.You can put a silk pair of knoickers on a goer but you can't stop the farts matey.

  16. Youse a Toon fan living in London eh= well how many spurs fans are living in giroville=None=so piss off back home. Lol. No mate you welcome after all we got every fucker from every shit ole in the world ere and no one seems to give a fuck!!!

  17. Wow – charm school has finished early this week I see, it's worse than a YouTube comments page on here. Always had a soft spot for spurs fans, no bad history between the clubs, so can't be bothered with the bickering.

    This should be another good game between two open, attacking sides. It's hard to call, obviously spuds have the big names these days, but the nufc midfield engine room is no slouch either.

    Tempted to say spurs edge it on matchwinning players – but the home advantage will even things up,

    going for a score draw of 2-2

  18. usual people that insinuate size r really small, big g bet u r 15yr old u have shown your mental age with what came out of your mouth, was that a comment that people can relate to? I guess only In your sad reality, where there r alot of females with dodgy kniolers as you put that, fart alot. sure u r not talking about some 1 your living with?

  19. White Hart Lane may or not be a Shite hole but I dont think you have four European trophys in your Club Shed do you. But you did win the Watney cup I believe.A club exists for what glory they bring home, you aint got none

  20. And dont get the impression that the A-Rabs round WHL have anything to do with the club, yeah they burnt down their source of free food =Aldi's and they burnt some nice victorian buildings but they are as much to do with the club as a Geordie is to not farting in front of his bird.We gotta go down the bollocks of Football in the community because of people like Lammy (In my opinion fuckin useless). but theres no such thing as football in the community, the community round spurs are peoplòe who still live in the Iron ASge. Davspur is a fucking monolinth of knowledge compared to them.

  21. Best moment for Shitcastle was when they all backed down from Cass Pennant when Football was Football not like the queeros we got now who think they are in Green Street.

  22. Oscar Wilde quotes, farts and Geordie birds' lack of personal hygiene!
    Big G is just the best! LOL
    Are you an immigation officer mate?


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