‘Next season is going to be different’ – Mourinho issues promise to Spurs fans

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Jose Mourinho has said that he and Daniel Levy are just as frustrated as the Tottenham fans are about the way the season is unfolding.

He has urged fans to keep the faith and insisted that next season will be much different to the current one.

Speaking to Football.London, the Spurs boss said: “Look, I think the message is very, very simple which is the supporters are not happy, nobody in this club is happy.

“If the fans are unhappy and I am happy, Mr Levy is happy, the captains are happy, then that would be a huge problem because our ambitions wouldn’t fit with the ambitions and desire of the fans.

“When we all want the same, that’s the best message that we can give. If we are in this moment in the table, it’s quite easy to look at some things.”

Mourinho also admitted that this campaign has been a challenging one for the club right from the start and the various hurdles have made it difficult to string results together.

He said: “One of the things is that the Champions League final was quite an isolated success if you compare it with the last half of the previous season. Then after the Champions League final I was not here, I shouldn’t speak about it, I’m not going to speak about it.

“It was very, very difficult for them to digest, very, very difficult to believe that the next day the sun would be shining again. Everybody was suffering too much about it.”

“Lots of important injuries, starting with the captain Hugo Lloris’ surgery at the beginning of the season. Then the accumulation of injuries in a crucial part of the season too. So an accumulation of things.

“If you want also the situation of a very important player like Christian [Eriksen] refusing to sign a new contract, not accepting a new contract, pushing for a transfer.

“Do we play him? We don’t play him? What’s the best thing to do? Do we keep him until the end of the season? Do we try to sell him in January? Lots of things happened.”

The 57-year-old urged people not to forget the substantial investment the club made in the transfer market last summer after reaching the Champions League final.

He insisted that the money spent on players last summer combined with the investment in the stadium and the training ground proved that the club were ambitious.

Mourinho said: “The only thing that I feel is it’s quite an injustice is to forget that the best stadium in the world is there, the best training ground in the world is here, and around £100million investment in the summer, that if I’m not wrong was probably one of the biggest investments of Premier League clubs, is not considered commitment with evolution or not committed with an investment.

“It was £100million. Then you can discuss good, bad, successful, not successful. You can discuss all these things, but nobody can discuss that around £100m was on the table in the last summer which I think is the proof, open proof, that the club wanted to invest.”

The Portuguese coach suggested that there is every reason to believe that next campaign will bare little resemblance to the transitional one Lilywhites are currently having.

He added: “I repeat that this season is a very difficult season since day one. Since the moment they lost the Champions League final was very, very difficult for lots of people in the club to believe that the next day was, or could be, a sunny day.

“From that moment the direction was very, very difficult. I want to say that many, many, many big clubs pass through difficult periods. Sometimes longer periods, other times short periods, but many, many, many, many times big clubs have moments of transition, moments of replacing players, moments of losing players, moments of players getting older.

“That’s very obvious in so many clubs with so many rich histories. This is a process and my message to our fans that of course are not happy is that the thing that keeps me strong and optimistic and 200 per cent loyal to the club and to the project is to know that the club wants to improve.

“That’s the biggest motivation we can have. Next season is going to be different than this one.

“[I’m optimistic] because I start working from day one, because I believe we are going to make some changes in our squad, and for that we don’t need a huge investment like the club made in the past summer.

“Don’t forget that was a huge investment in the last summer on transfers, because I don’t believe, I cannot believe, that the season is going to be so full of negative episodes like we’ve had since practically since day one.

“So there are many reasons to believe that it is going to be different.”

Spurs Web Opinion

Jose makes an important point about the club’s investment last summer, which is oftentimes overlooked. After we lost the finals of the Champions League, the club made significant investments in the likes of Ndombele, Lo Celso, Sessegnon, Clarke and Bergwijn.

We should not forget that the club were reportedly ready to put big money on the table for Dybala as well, and the deal would have gone through if not for complications with his image rights. Levy’s decision to appoint Mourinho also clearly shows that the Spurs chairman was willing to spend money.

Levy would not have handed Mourinho the job and the Portuguese coach would not have wanted to take it, unless there were assurances of money to spend. However, with the financial issues the club is facing on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not in a position to spend big again this summer and have to be creative in the transfer market.

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