Noel Gallagher disrespects Tottenham in unnecessary interview

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Noel Gallagher has slated Manchester City’s rivals in an interview with TalkSport. When asked about Spurs Gallagher simply replied (TalkSport): ‘Tottenham? Sorry who? Spurs? Who are they? The best thing about Tottenham is their stadium, which is amazing.’

Gallagher is a well known Manchester City fan which makes the insult seem a bit strange considering Spurs knocked his team out of the Champions League last season (The Guardian). Despite this, he seems to be very confident that Spurs do not pose a threat to City next season.

Gallagher also slated Manchester United by saying that ‘they are not our rivals anymore’. He also had a go at Liverpool by saying ‘Liverpool had the greatest season in their entire life and they still came second – it’s too funny!’.

Manchester City have been dominant domestically over the last two seasons. They famously won a historic four domestic trophies last year but have struggled when it comes to European trophies (The Guardian). Spurs, Liverpool and even Leicester have got as far or further into the competition than them during Pep Guardiola’s tenure.

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These remarks from Gallagher are laughable considering they lost to Spurs in the Champions League. Hopefully, the other teams in the league see this level of arrogance from Manchester City fans and use it as motivation to dethrone them.

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  1. Gallagher is as chemically doped as Man$hitty is money-doped. Take the funny deals away and they’re back in the middle of the league.

  2. As a City fan Gallagher is an embarrassment who should be totally ignored. A lifetime gag would be the best thing for him. Don’t take anything he says as being the view of City fans. He’s one loose cannon – ignore him.


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