O’Hara not banking on any Spurs miracles


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Jamie O’Hara will not be banking on any miracles to keep his dream of playing at Wembley in the FA Cup alive.

Spurs face Fulham in the FA Cup quarter final replay at White Hart Lane on Wednesday night, with a semi-final against Portsmouth awaiting the winners.  Should Spurs beat Fulham, then it will mean that O’Hara, who is currently on loan at Pompey will be unable to face his parent club.

On Wednesday, O’Hara will be lining up for Portsmouth in their league game against Chelsea and will be looking to check the Spurs result soon after.

He said: “I’ll be concentrating on our game. But as soon as it finishes, I’ll turn the telly on to see what the Spurs result is.

“I know how good Spurs are, though. They’re a fantastic team, especially at home, and I’m not banking on any miracles.”

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  1. Who gives a shite about what he thinks. The other day he said he hoped we lost. We pay his wages, not Pompey. Fuck him. He aint good enough for spurs anyway. Onwards and upwards for the yids. Down and out for maureen and Pompey.

    • where do you get your info from jamie and jermain have never had a spat,never had an argument and just laugh at these false stories that people believe. he is a true lifelong spurs fan and his games room will vouch for that with pictures of the glory years all around. he just said tongue in cheek what most footballers would have said about wanting to play at wembley and you knock him

  2. Hold on dont get carried away here if you were a professional football player you would not want to play at wembley, give me a break !
    This does not mean anything in relation to him and spurs this is on a personal level and any player would say the same, i agree with one post on here bring back ohara and out the likes of Jenus !

    Paul A – A spurs fan for thirty five years and a season ticket holder ( unlike some so called fans who dont even know where WHL even is )


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