Opinion: A direct message to Spurs fans complaining about Mourinho football

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur are currently coached by Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho is known for low blocks, defensive football, and counter-attacking.

Jose Mourinho has won trophies at every single club he has been at.

The above three sentences are all facts. These facts are not changing any time soon. Mourinho will continue to be the Spurs head coach for the foreseeable future.

Therefore, some Spurs fans need to cast aside their opinions over the style of football and get behind the project; a tried and tested winning project.

There will come a time when Spurs fans are allowed back into the stadium in large numbers. Now, I know that Mourinho football isn’t pretty and can be frustrating to watch, especially when points are dropped. However, it is effective!

If fans return are divided on the style, with some getting on the players’ or manager’s back, the defensive football will become harder. Mistakes will creep in and what was once comfortable defending will become nervy.

Nothing can be achieved by demanding Mourinho to change his ways, he never has and never will. Instead, the best chance us fans have of seeing glory is to fully get behind him and the team, accepting the fact that it won’t be prime viewing pleasure.

As much as I would love to play fancy, free-flowing and attractive football, Tottenham do not have the players for that at this moment. If the Lilywhites opened up and traded punches with the big clubs, they would lose the vast majority, as we have done for years.

Mourinho has assessed the players he has and found a way to play to their strengths across the board. The man even has Serge Aurier defending well!

There will be boring moments and extremely frustrating defeats, just like last night. However, Spurs are defending well while also creating clear chances each and every game.

That may not be the way that everyone wins the title, but it is currently the only way Tottenham can win the title.

In conclusion, I beg those doubters not to drag the team down with negativity but to get behind them and see where this takes us!

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  1. You are so right ,
    I hate the fact we didn’t do this before the reason I stoped supporting crystal palace is because they didn’t win squat I’m now a tottenham fan and I think we should all be the winningist we should be . It’s like trump or bidden simple .
    By the way I also used to like arsenal but that was a bad year for me they suck now

  2. Seb seb seb ,
    4 years experience in journalism and a spurs supporter I bow to your mighty opinion that must be fact because you love spurs more than anyone .

  3. Totally agree ..let Mourinho build his team in the coming year
    We need a few additions to strengthen to match the top teams.
    We need patience this year not criticism.
    Once he has total faith in his defence we will play on the front foot whilst being pragmatic

  4. Yeah everyone get behind a boring team that the wheels are falling off of lol . What do you want levy to do throw money at it again in January . Off load exciting young players bring in 30 plus year olds . Were gonna be in trouble when he leaves us with a milk cup and aging squad . We are three years away from being arsenal without the silver ware . You will eat crow over this article

  5. So…… Rebuild get more Mourino type players in ? Have your main striker play as a midfielder not have a place for ally , bale a sub at best . Give him time tho to totally destroy the tradition of the club .

  6. I just hope the players still believe the hype because that’s what it is with Mourino’s style it’s like a cult if you can be totally brainwashed and believe the hype he will get you results . But as soon as the Bubble bursts and players have doubt it don’t work anymore that’s why he doesn’t stay around to long . I mean can it work well this would be the only club it hasn’t worked at so yeah sign me up for a three year journey of weirdness


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