Opinion: A good couple of days for Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

What a crazy couple of days of football it has been. On Tuesday City lost to Newcastle United and Man United drew with Burnley. Then on Wednesday Bournemouth thrash Chelsea 4-0. On top of that Liverpool drew with Leicester, the only bad result was that Cardiff couldn’t beat Arsenal.

As the Chelsea result came in, we looked at each other questioning whether we had heard the result right. It was. Bloody hell, the gods were looking down upon us.

As for the Watford game; it wasn’t until we equalised that we went up a gear and showed desperation.
Let us start with a moan: I got to the stadium at 4.10 pm and then went for a Cappuccino at Costas and something to eat. About 4.50 I made my way to the waiting area for Premium members. Before I got there-there was a line of security staff checking your bags (nothing unusual there), but this time I was stopped. I was told that “only certain bags were allowed in,” (I bloody know, I’ve been here before) and that they needed to check my bag size (the same as it has bloody been since they introduced the bag policy). I asked, “What is so different from the last time?” “Because,” a woman said, “the security has been letting oversized bags through without checking properly”. A total waste of time. I decided to go back and then go through from a different angle, not a titter or concern. The left-hand doesn’t seem to know what the right hand is doing. Actually, I had a large rucksack, but it was one of those that can fold into a purse. Once through I opened it up and put my small bag in it (extra carrying room for my free drinks and programmes).

Security checks, in, up the escalators to the Bobby Moore lounge, where I met Terry, Steve and Jeff. No Martin or his dad as they got a transfer to somewhere else. But I will see them at away matches, and we keep in contact through phone/ text.

Wednesday menu was Fish and Chips, and we ordered two bottles of wine. Paul Miller and Clive Allen came over for a chat and gave their thoughts on the new stadium and the transfer window. Jeff didn’t want his food token, so I had another meal at half time.

I introduced myself to a fabulous member of the Premium team (Stefanie) and had a great chat.
Thirty-minutes before kick-off we got our team sheets, tea and then to our seats. It was freezing, luckily I had my Spurs overcoat on and was well warm.

We waited for the players to come out for their warm-up, team announcement and then back in to get ready, then both sets of players came out together to an upbeat cheers and handclapping.

Both sets of teams and officials went to the circle, got into position and a minutes silence was announced. This was in respect to the Cardiff City player who was lost in a tragic plane disaster (Emiliano Sala). Finally, the whistle was blown for the end of the minute’s silence. In fact, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop (very chilling). Players got into their gladiatorial positions, and the referee blew his whistle to start the first half.

Cathcart headed home Jose Holebas’ out-swinging corner seven minutes before the break. “oh, no! It isn’t going to be one of those days,” we thought. The half time break couldn’t have come quick enough. In for our wine/ teas etc. and then we vented our anger/ concerns over the way we thought the match was going.
I was sitting next to Steve, and he voiced his concerns very strongly; at the ref and individual players.
Second half

We increased the pressure in the second half. Llorente, deputising for injured leading striker Harry Kane, twice had great opportunities to score but missed from close range before Son Heung-min lifted the home support when he thrashed home from 12 yards out. But with full-time fast approaching, Llorente finally hit the target when he guided Danny Rose’s hanging ball past Ben Foster.

We held our breath until the final whistle was blown and we erupted. Gave the players a rousing ovation, as they walked off the pitch. Then I made my way to the hospitality lounge for tea and biscuits (which Steve the hospitality manager always saves for us). Martin and his dad joined us from the other side of the stadium.

We remain in third but are now only two points behind defending champions Manchester City and seven behind leaders Liverpool. Arsenal and Chelsea are equal on points in fourth and fifth position respectively. They are both seven points behind us. As for United in 6th, they are nine points behind us.
I stayed until 11 pm and then made my way to my car and home. Getting home at 12.35 pm. It was minus 5. Luckily for me my daughter, when doing my dog, put my central heating on, and it was lovely and warm when I got home. The next day I was shattered (probably an age thing… it happens to the best of us!).

A good few days for us, let us hope we continue our good luck this weekend when we face Newcastle United at Wembley (they who beat City).

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