Opinion: A letter to Daniel Levy – The worst decision in Tottenham history

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Tottenham Hotspur have sacked Pochettino. You have read that correctly. The man who led Spurs to four consecutive top-four finishes and a Champions League Final, has been sacked.

I always assumed that Poch would eventually leave to seek a bigger job, or he would walk out due to lack of backing from Levy, not the club sending him packing.

Pochettino was a victim of his own success at Spurs. He built a young team from absolutely nothing, over-achieving each and every year, which was ultimately his downfall.

The Tottenham board have been far too greedy and far too hasty in their decision. They forget that no Spurs manager in recent history has been able to do what Poch did.

They expect someone to come in, pick up the pieces, and drive Spurs back to a Champions League challenging team? Not going to happen.

The best man for the job is now, in fact, out of a job.

Pochettino should have been backed further in the last transfer window. The club should have sold the players he did not want, including the contract rebels, and invested in a new team.

The Argentine wanted a painful rebuild, but he was only given half by Levy, the pain.

With his core group of stars coming towards the ends of their careers, how was Pochettino expected to maintain his high performances?

Poch built Spurs up to a point where they could have pushed on for league titles with the right investment, but Levy and co have wasted that opportunity. It has gone now.

Instead, Spurs fall back to square one, ready to start again with another manager who I doubt will be able to match the journey Poch took the club on this past five years.

To make matters even worse, Pochettino will walk into one of the biggest jobs on the planet and win it all. Mark my words.

One step forward and ten leaps back for Spurs.

What have you done Mr Levy?

You should have backed him, not sacked him.

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  1. While I agree with some of the things you say the idea that poch will win everything that is something I doubt. Week in week out I have watched and listened and the one thing that has come up again and again is poch is poor at reading the game and making decisions that can win a game. Poch is like a althetico Madrid manager rather than a Barcelona manager. Always be there abouts but never looks like winning anything. He worked with little funding but if you believe some of the stories he also rejected players which might have helped. We cannot always buy our first choice player that’s why we identify up to three players but to refuse all three is at times madness. Five odd years no trophies so I guess you judge it on is making top four the only thing left for spurs now is that like winning a trophy for us if so he was a success if not then well

  2. So if Pochettino had left Spurs for United or Real Madrid, that would have been fine? It’s okay for him to tout himself for every job going (plus some that aren’t, like managing Argentina), but Spurs have to drift down the table, showing no sign of finding any sort of form, waiting for him to decide what he fancies doing next? He had to go – simple as that, so stop whining – the club is certainly bigger than one man, especially one as over-rated as Pochettino.

  3. Here we go again, another 2 or 3 years building someone else’s team.
    How about sacking Levy for not backing the manager in the first place.
    Yet again levy has all the tools but no idea.
    I’m sure Mourinho is not coming to work on a shoestring budget, so if he gives him big money, then why not Poch.


    Levy stick to making our club financially stable and leave the managing of our great club to people that care about the football not the saving of £’s over result

    Depressing future to come

    Daniel Shoestring sort yourself out FFS???

  4. Those of us who have been supporting Spurs for a long time have seen this played out repeatedly.
    Levy falls out with all his managers because all of them have more ambition than he has.
    In time, Jose will suffer the same way.
    Whether Poch goes on to win things himself only time will tell.
    He always looked to prioritize one trophy at a time, which explains our dismal league performance post Feb last season.


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