Opinion: A letter to Levy – Either get out the cheque book or call it a day

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Don’t get me wrong, off the pitch, Daniel Levy has done an amazing job at Tottenham in recent years. While Spurs have not been winning trophies, Levy has led us into the best stadium and best training ground in the country, or perhaps even the world.

I can easily forgive an 11-year trophy drought for that simple fact. It was a transition period and we have now well and truly become one of the top sides in England and in Europe.

However, the stadium is open and we are now at the end of that journey. It is time for a new chapter that involves Levy working his magic on the pitch by investing in the squad.

So far, Spurs have brought in Tanguy Ndombele for an initial £53.8m (BBC) and Jack Clarke for around £10m (BBC).

Tottenham have also sold Kieran Trippier for around £20m (Sun), Mousa Dembele in January for £11m (BBC), and Vincent Jassen for around £6.3m (Metro). They have also managed to get Michel Vorm and Llorente off the wage bill too.

So, at the moment Spurs have only actually spent a net amount of around £26.5m this summer, minus whatever they saved on Vorm and Llorente’s contracts expiring.

For a team that just made the Champions League final and are looking to push on, that simply isn’t good enough.

I was expecting Tottenham to come out and spend upwards of £100m net this summer, really taking them to the next level and at least partly bridging the gap between themselves and Liverpool/Man City.

There is still time for Spurs to spend, but I can’t help but feel that they should have done it far earlier.

However, if Levy doesn’t sign anymore big players this summer, then we may have to accept that he never will. If a Champions League final isn’t enough to warrant big spending, then nothing will.

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  1. He is not known as Last Minute Levy (LML) for nothing, is he?

    MoPo’s complaint has always been that he does NOT get new players far enough ahead of the PL season starting to merge them into the team. Obviously, that will be the same for either Lo Celso or Fernandes if indeed either of them actually happen.

  2. Seb, I really think the media and us fans are completely misjudging the situation. There is no issue in my mind.
    We had a sinple plan for transfers. 1) replace Dembele 2) Eriksen 3) Alderviereld and 4) Danny Rose. Add Foyth becoming the new right back.
    Ok: 1) Ndombele ( Dembele) 2) Trippier out
    Our problem is the other three are still here. The Players we want were to replace them.
    There are only so many squad places.
    This is not Levy failing. This is not Poch moaning at Levy. Poch was having a dig at the media hounding him re transfers.
    For me there is no problem, we needed a new Dembele,, we got a great player. Levy delivered.
    The rest will only happen if players leave.
    That’s my view

  3. Seb.
    If you are so clever and have so much nouse of the football transfer system how is it you are not employed by a premiership club in a chief exec role or similar.
    Obviously a wasted talent

      You are now no longer allowed to give your own opinions even when they are clearly labelled ‘opinion’. Don’t want to upset Chris.


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