Opinion: A letter to the ‘Poch out’ brigade

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I still can’t believe that I actually have to write an opinion piece like this.

Over the last few weeks, I have seen more and more people on Twitter calling for Pochettino to be sacked. Some want him gone now, some want him to be given the elbow at the end of the season if he does not win a trophy.

I can’t put into words how stupid I find this.

Maybe it’s just me, but I remember a few months back when we made a Champions League final despite making no signings in over a year. I also remember making four consecutive Champions League group stages, despite only appearing once in our history before that.

On the other hand, we have had a bad 2019 and we did lose away to Leicester after a dodgy VAR call, so maybe Pochettino should leave after all.

I feel as if a number of Spurs fans have become impatient and greedy. They have forgotten where we were five years ago, and they want to make the leap to regular trophy winners overnight.

Pochettino is still a young manager and is learning by the season, just as his players are. We sometimes forget that Poch hasn’t been to a Champions League final before either. He hasn’t won a league title or even a cup. This is all new to him too.

So, why are we, as the fans, not putting our faith in the man who turned down big offers to stay with us? He may be going through a rough patch with the squad at the moment, but I tell you it would be a whole lot rougher without him.

He stuck with us. We stick with him.

With consistent funding over the next three years, who knows where we’ll be. Or maybe we’ll be in the same spot we are now. I’m still not sure, but I know I want Pochettino to be managing us whatever the case.

Poch Out. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous.

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  1. get used to it pal sentiment isn’t getting us anywhere, He’s been brilliant for us, but now it’s just like Martin Jol time, he’s had enough, he’s lost the dressing room, players he’s bought in are bang average just like the kids! Above all he’s losing too many games, unfortunately he will not turn this around. Who else can we get? no idea, but whether you like it or not these are the facts

  2. Also, can we forget how crappy they played the second half of last season? It has continued into this season. Pure luck they finished fourth last season. Can we also forget the bull that fans are fed that great things are in the future? Not seeing it. I don’t think the fans are greedy, they know we are on the verge of losing top players because the team is on the down slide.

  3. Spurs under Pochettino got better for two years but have clearly gone backwards since 2017, and facts have to be faced – we’re quite possibly worse today than under AVB or Sherwood, and look what happened to them. As for the CL run, it was a mad adventure, like a non-league side getting to the FA Cup final, but it really said nothing about Spurs as a team or Pochettino as a manager, and I very much doubt we’ll be going one better this year. Hopefully United or Real Madrid will poach Poch, and let Spurs chalk his tenure up to experience, and find a winner instead of a rookie to take us forwards again.

  4. What have I said before. Poch will not win anything again this season. Spurs season to win something is over. No premiership. No League Cup. Won’t go far in Champion Cup. Sorry, Poch tactical play isn’t a winner. So don’t bank on the FA Cup.
    Poch has lost it…. time he walks and let someone else have a go. We’ve gone backwards….


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