Opinion: A note to Christian Eriksen – We thank you and we love you

Christian Eriksen
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I think I speak for every Spurs fan everywhere when I say that Saturday was an extremely difficult day. Seeing one of our own in such a position was impossible to comprehend.

However, I am not here to dwell on what happened or what could have been. Christian Eriksen, as we understand, is doing well and everyone at The Spurs Web is grateful for that.

We just wanted to take the time to pay homage to a man who gave us so many memories over the years.

So myself and 18 of our Spurs Web writers took a moment this week to reflect on what Eriksen means to us, as well as some of our favourite Great Dane memories.

Christian, if you do ever get to read this, know you will forever be a Spurs legend and we wish you all the best with your recovery. Stay strong!

Seb Jenkins – What can I say about Christian Eriksen. Our number 23. One of my favourite players to ever wear the Spurs shirt. I was there when you made your debut and watched as you played your final game for us. A genius on the pitch and a great guy away from it. For so many seasons, Eriksen was the epitome of calm amidst a storm, consistently coming up clutch in some of the key moments in the club’s recent history. So much more than his assists and goals, Eriksen represented bums off seats around White Hart Lane for years. When he was on the ball, you knew things were going to happen. It was a pleasure to watch you in the Lilywhite jersey and I wish you all the best for the future. Rest up and get well, legend.

William Furness – One moment always stands out, for me, about the Great Dane. It’s the FA Cup semi-final, against Conte’s Chelsea, with the score against us at 2-1. We were desperate for a moment of inspiration – and Eriksen provided it with an assist from the gods. An outrageous cross to Dele Alli put the score 2-2; it nicely summed up Eriksen’s magic touch. But nothing screamed miracle more than his miraculous recovery against Finland. Quick recovery, you genius.

Jimmy Quintana – Christian Eriksen was the first Spurs jersey I bought with the name on the back. The man was my idol and someone I looked up to every single day. I try to emulate his passing and vision when I’m on the pitch. When he left I was sad for weeks and still miss him to this day. My favourite moment of his was his Swansea City away goal in 2017. His move that caused the defender to overrun and create space for himself to finish off a brilliant ball by Dele always sticks with me. Even though it was not the best performance he has ever had or the most memorable goal, whenever I think of Eriksen’s contribution to the club it is that goal that pops into my mind.

Alex Mitton – Growing up watching Eriksen play was always an honour. He was always at the heart of such a special Spurs team and was key to our performances in recent memories. Christian had many stand out memories in North London, but, for me, his 88th-minute winner against Brighton tops all of them. At the end of the 18/19 season, this stunning long-range goal gave our top 4 hopes a massive boost. It showed his true skill and passion for the club, something I will never forget in a lifetime. Eriksen is a true Spurs great and I wish him all the best in his recovery.

Liam Rice – Although my favourite Christian Eriksen moment might not be the most iconic, it is one that means the most to me as it started my Spurs journey, as well as his. It was my first ever Spurs game, against Tromso in the Europa League, the first game of many as I am now a season ticket holder. Eriksen picked up the ball on the edge of the box and unleashed an amazing shot into the top corner to open his goal-scoring account in N17. I remember being in absolute disbelief of the goal scored in front of me, from that moment he went down as one of my favourite ever players, not only to play for the club, but in the world. I would like to thank Eriksen for giving me so many unbelievable moments that I will never forget, he really did make me see a side to football I had never seen before and I wish him all the best for his future.

Josh Isard – Christian Eriksen was a fine player and teammate during his time with Spurs. He displayed tons of quality, flash on the field, but never any ego. The reactions from players around the world over the past day show how sincerely supporters and players like him. Early in his Spurs career, he scored a spectacular free-kick against West Brom on Boxing Day. The game wasn’t great, it ended in a draw, but I remember the kick because I was holed up on a cold day with my daughter, then just a year old, sleeping on me. I had to celebrate silently. There were plenty more great memories from Eriksen, but that one’s always stuck with me.

Alfie Nicholson – Obviously, I was devastated to hear the recent events which occurred around our former player Christian Eriksen, those moments of shock regurgitated the memories that he gave us as a player and the qualities as a human he clearly gave off within the club over his six and a half year spell with us.

His prominent bond with players such as Son, Kane and Alli along with the rest of his teammates was something that resonated with me as a fan during those times. It echoed out a message of enjoyment on the field and showed the importance of relationships within life. My particular connection with Eriksen stemmed from the moments he gave me at my very first game. I remember the buzz of entering the stadium all for us to fall two goals behind within 28 minutes.

But it was Eriksen who delivered the first goal that day with his sharpshooting and then the second to fire us back into the game and the crowd into action. We later won that game to complete my fairytale first game, and Eriksen being the man who scored that first goal for me at my first ever game is a moment that will live with me forever.

Uddeepan Arinjay Sen – The Great Dane! Quite a moniker for such a dainty fellow but what an artist. When I think of Christian Eriksen, one of the most exhilarating memories that springs to mind is the 10-second goal against Man Utd. Perfectly encapsulates Eriksen, right place at the right time. Speedy recovery, Christian.

Lucas McIntyre – I remember when we signed Christian Eriksen all the way back in 2013, there was a fair bit of excitement over his signature. Eriksen since that signing has given us Spurs fans so many incredible moments from his winner against Milan to keep the Champions League dream alive to countless late winners but my all-time favourite Eriksen moment has to be his strike against Real Madrid. The goal was fantastic, the build-up play along with the finish was just incredible and the atmosphere that night was simply electrifying. Another honourable mention was his performance against Barcelona in the Champions League away at the Nou Camp, his pass to start that Lucas goal was a pass not many players would have seen. Another has to be despite a loss, his ball to Dele in the FA Cup semi-final is to this day, the best pass I’ve ever seen live, a truly mesmerising player.

George Rickwood – Eriksen is the best spurs player I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. His ability to unlock a defence is second to none, he oozes quality and it was always clear he was always too good for Spurs. His ball in for Dele’s goal at the cup semi-final is genuinely one of the best assists I have ever seen and something I’ll always remember him for, but more personally, his winner against Inter Milan in the Champions League group stage at Wembley is my favourite moment. I was actually in the crowd for that one and just behind the goal he scored in and the ecstasy I felt was incredible. Christian is a big-game player, a magician and I will never forget his time at Spurs.

Fionn McQuillan – One of my favourite Christian Eriksen moments was the outstanding long-range strike he scored against Brighton to secure all three points in the final minutes of the game. Whenever I think back on it, it makes me recall all of the times that he really came to our rescue. However, what I liked most about this goal was the pure technique and power that he produced to score it. It demonstrates the sheer amount of quality and incredible character that this man has. One of the greatest players ever to pull on a Spurs shirt.

Louis Willison – I think for me, my immediate Eriksen memories are the late goals against Burnley and Brighton in the 18/19 season. They just incapsulate the best bits of that Poch period and Eriksen was a key part of everything we adored about that team. Classy, exciting and passionate. He will always be in my heart as one of my favourite Spurs players.

Harry Webster – There are few words to describe Christian Eriksen’s time at Tottenham. He was part of an era at White Hart Lane that will go down as one of my most enjoyable times of being a Tottenham fan. An unbelievable player that could win games out of nowhere and create magical moments week in week out. He will forever and always be our Number 23 and to me will go down as a Spurs legend. I thank him for his services at our club and wish him and his family the very best.

Sonny Turner – Christian Eriksen, a player who inspires belief. For Spurs, having him on the pitch meant anything, and everything was possible. His quality on the ball, only needing one opportunity to deliver a vital pass or goal, meant that no matter the situation, there was never a shortage of belief. For me, no moment embodies this more than Eriksen’s winner against Inter Milan, a must-win game in the group stage of our memorable Champions League campaign which saw us reach the final. Without Eriksen, we would have none of the other cherished memories picked up along the way in that campaign. Without Eriksen, we would have been out. Coming off the bench to deliver the late winner which kept our hopes alive was pure Christian Eriksen. Get well soon our midfield maestro.

Elliott Lee – Whenever I watched Tottenham play, Eriksen was the source of all the energy on the pitch. Off the pitch, he is one of the most humble players I have ever seen. My favourite Eriksen moment has to be his 80′ goal against Inter Milan in the 19/20 Champions League campaign. Praying for your full recovery, Christian.

Tobey Groome – The first moment that stands out to me when thinking about Christian Eriksen was him scoring the third goal in our 3-1 win over Real Madrid. The breakaway, the finish to the bottom right corner, and then the celebrations at Wembley Stadium. That night truly made Spurs fans truly believe we could be European powerhouses, and Eriksen played a starring role in that.

Aaron W Evans – The goals. The assists. The outright brilliance shown on the pitch. That 11-second goal against Manchester United will forever stick in my mind, as will his 30-yard screamer against Crystal Palace and the winner he scored against Brighton in 2019 (strange memories but memories nonetheless!) Christian Eriksen was arguably my favourite player in a Spurs shirt for years, and I felt sick watching the events last night. I wish him, his family and his friends all the very best, a speedy recovery and a long, happy life from here on in!

Josh Hudson – One of my many favourite Christian Eriksen moments is when he got the equaliser against Chelsea back in 2018. The goal was spectacular. On top of that, it would go on to propel us into winning the London derby.

Adam Oliver – One goal which wasn’t too significant, but I remember, was Eriksen stood over a free-kick away at West Brom in his early days. It felt like he couldn’t miss at that time, and he stuck it right in the top corner. For that period, he was unstoppable from set-pieces.

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