Opinion: A rant about everything wrong with Tottenham Hotspur


Tottenham Hotspur fell to yet another defeat in the Premier League this season as they took on Southampton today, prompting this rant from me on everything wrong with the club.

Sacking Mauricio Pochettino implied that it was an issue with the management and staleness of those in charge of the team, which could not be further from the truth.

Serial winner Jose Mourinho has come in, and what do you know, nothing has changed on the pitch. We saw a small rise in performance levels for the first few weeks, but that is long gone.

The effort just is not there on the pitch. I don’t mind watching Spurs lose when I think we gave it a good go and left everything out there. I have not thought that all season.

Most of the players don’t seem to care whether we win or lose. The first whistle goes and they walk around a bit, inevitably go 1-0 down, and then fight to recover. Sometimes we scrape a win, but more often than not we drop points and deserve it.

Spurs need to have a huge squad overhaul, which should have happened under Pochettino last summer. I’m talking about getting rid of Aurier, Eriksen, Vertonghen, Wanyama, Rose, etc and spending the money on some new and hungry players.

A mixture of big-name proven stars and up-and-coming youth is needed, but Daniel Levy and Spurs will probably not spend a penny.

If Tottenham are not careful, all of the good work over the last half-decade will go down the drain and they will sink back into mediocrity.

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  1. They spent a lot of money (around £60m) during the summer, on N’Dombele and he doesn’t appear to be that “hungry”!

  2. Could not agree more. The players turn up each match, seemingly with no clue how to approach the game. We are slow, second to every ball and the forwards struggle to pass consistently to one another. 1-0 down at HT most games, it doesn’t matter if we are playing Chelsea or Norwich the performance is the same, dreadful. What is being done on the training pitch or in meetings is mind boggling.

  3. Spot on. Absolutely hit the nail on the head. We support you come rain or shine, through thick and thin (mostly thin) but the lack of commitment and desire is actually taking the mick. You take the wage we expect the effort. For God sake don’t let 5 years of hard just disappear. Please get it sorted

  4. The biggest problem in my eyes is that we have no fight in midfield. How often do you see Toby or Jan looking for a pass up-field and can’t find one? Since Dembele left it has been like this. Eriksen doesn’t seem to care for the most part (ModRat light?). How often do Eriksen’s corners not get past the first defender? Why is Eriksen even allowed anywhere near taking corners?

    Dier seems to have lost the plot. Lamela spends all his time injured (or a huge part of it…just sell Lamela if anyone wants to buy). Winks does OK but is not the total answer. Don’t know about NDombele or Lo Celso yet…they might turn out OK in the long run. This season is pretty much shot from a PL POV anyway.


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