Opinion: Analysing Ryan Sessegnon’s future involvement at Spurs

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Ryan Sessegnon was one of the brightest young talents when he was lighting it up at Fulham in the Championship and Premier League.

When he joined Spurs for a fee of around £27 million in the summer of 2019 (transfermarkt), there were high expectations, however, it didn’t quite work out in his first season.

However, out on loan for this current campaign, Sessegnon has performed strongly for Hoffenheim so I thought it was only right to take a look at his future Spurs involvement.

This season, Sessegnon has played 21 times for the German club, scoring two goals and assisting another two (transfermarkt). 

Considering Ryan has played 11 of these games at left-back (transfermarkt), it is a very impressive record. He has also played eight games at left midfield, showing he is a versatile player. But where would Sessegnon fit within our squad? 

Personally, the Englishman would be the perfect backup left-back within our squad. We can all hope that Sergio Reguilon is still with us next season; therefore, we would only need one more senior left-back.

Ben Davies has not shown me any reason as to why he should stay next season, especially when compared to Ryan Sessegnon and Sergio Reguilon.

The 27-year-old Welshman, who has somehow played 38 games for us this season (transfermarkt), seems to consistently ruin our attacking play, with him being so defensive and slow.  

Also, Ben Davies takes up a foreign slot within the squad in European competitions. Spurs have recently struggled with the rule, with each club only being allowed 17 non-homegrown players.

Therefore, it makes no sense for Davies to take up a slot when Ryan Sessegnon could do his job whilst still being homegrown.  

Furthermore, Ryan is only 20-years-old, so he clearly has more potential to improve his game. Football is all about longevity and to have a 20-year-old on the sidelines clearly makes no sense when Davies is not performing.

To add, Daniel Levy has always been a businessman within his chairman role. Therefore, it would be almost impossible that Levy he accept a low offer for Ryan. We only signed him two years ago for £27 million (transfermarkt), therefore, Levy will not take a loss.

However, if you ignore the business side of football, Ryan Sessegnon seems to be the better option. He is young, passionate and shown his class in a tough German league.

Meanwhile, Davies’ play is only worsening as he gets older and he consistently lets us down.  

Therefore, this is why I believe that Ryan Sessegnon should be part of the N17 squad from next season. To do this, Ben Davies must leave so that our squad is the right size. I fully believe that Sessegnon can become a superb left-back, so lets hope he proves me right.

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