Opinion: Danny Rose deserves more respect from some Tottenham fans

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Dom Le Roy

Danny Rose, a figure once adored by the vast majority of the Spurs fanbase, now turned public enemy number one.

After his interview with the Evening Standard this week, I have seen a lot of stick thrown Rose’s way on social media, which I simply do not understand.

In this interview, Rose merely stated that Daniel Levy has told him there will be no new contract at Spurs, but he wants to stay for the 18-months he has left.

Some have labelled this as a selfish move, something that I disagree with. Rose signed his contract and is well within his right to stay for as long as possible, just as Eriksen, Alderweireld, and Vertonghen have done.

Rose clearly wants a new deal at the club, but Levy is not willing to give him one. Based on his current form, this is also probably the right decision from Levy.

However, what many are forgetting is that this is a player who has been at Spurs for 12 seasons. He is the longest-serving player at the club. He has played over 200 games. And he clearly has Spurs running through his veins.

While fans have every right to call Rose out for his poor defending of late, I honestly do not believe that he deserves any abuse off the back of this interview.

If anything, it is an interesting insight into how Poch and Levy seem to be on very different wavelengths.

I have always appreciated Rose’s honesty, as the fans rarely get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at Spurs.

I also whole-heartedly believe that Rose always puts in maximum effort on the pitch, even if he seems to be beyond his best now.

Perhaps that fans simply have to acknowledge that Rose is not the player he used to be, but he is still the same man he has always been at Tottenham, which should be applauded and respected.

I sincerely hope that when his Spurs career comes to an end, he will be treated as a club legend as he deserves.

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  1. Took the words out of my mouth. 12 seasons is dedication mate….
    Speaking of tribute, I still think we should get Dembélé back for a weekend. He never got a real farewell when he left and never got to experience the new ground.
    Or what the deuce…. get him resigned….

  2. If Rose wants a renewed contract at Spurs then he needs to show that we can’t afford to do without him, whether as a first choice or covering left back. So, instead of simply running his contract down for the next 18 months, he needs to show he really IS a Spurs man, willing to die (effectively) for the cause. Eriksen is not doing that, however, and the quicker he goes the better. Toby, I’m not really sure if he’s taken his foot off the gas, or he’s simply worn out, at 30, but he’s not performing at previous levels either.
    Verts too is the same, unfortunately.
    These are all massive problems for us.
    Rose has been a wonderful player for us (how we miss those days when he and Walker marauded down both flanks) but he has form in terms of criticising his paymasters. He went a year without playing for us through injury (still getting paid of course, on contract) and yet went to the press over things he shouldn’t have, including player purchase speculation. Two years back he would have left us in a heartbeat if another top club had stepped in for him, and he would have left in the summer if it had been a bigger club than Watford showing interest, but since then he has knuckled down and tried to get back to the player he once was. Respect to him that he’s trying, but respect works both ways, and let’s be honest, he is no longer the asset he was. Hopefully he can have a great rest of the season, and see how things go from there.

  3. Danny Rose is a nowhere near a Spurs legend. Its an insult to actual legends of the club that his name is even linked with the word. He is lucky that the club does not have a ruthless streak like Chelsea, otherwise he would be gone.

  4. Well said Jason! Club legends don’t run off to The Sun and slate the club they are representing in public.

    The idea that Rose has Spurs running through his veins is an absolute joke and this fella is no club legend compared to the likes of Ledley King, Glenn Hoddle, Gary Mabbutt and Steve Perryman.

    Again Seb, you’ve got it totally wrong on Rose who in that same article also said he wants to go back up North. So now he has been given the chance to find himself a club up North but who wants him?


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