Vlahovic is a 21-year-old striker who currently plays for Fiorentina. He was contracted to multiple clubs in his youth, but the one at which he graduated into the senior team was Partizan.

It was in 2016 that Vlahovic made the step up and began training and playing in some games for the Partizan senior team and, just one year later, the Serbian international would take a risk and sign a preliminary contract with Fiorentina.

In 2018, Vlahovic made his debut for his new club in a season in which he proved that he was worthy to play a more prominent role for Fiorentina.

This led to him really coming into his own in the following season, making 30 appearances in Serie A and bagging 6 goals as well as an assist (Transfermarkt).

After this, there was no way he wouldn’t represent Fiorentina regularly next season. It was in the 20/21 campaign that Vlahovic showed himself to the world as an excellent striker and fantastic purchase for anybody willing to spend the necessary money.

His goalscoring record in the Serie A speaks for itself this season. He made 37 appearances and scored 21 goals (Transfermarkt).

Impressively, Vlahovic is 5th in terms of minutes per goal in the Serie A top scorers list. The only players that managed to finish above him were Muriel, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Lukaku (BBC Sport).

It is extremely impressive how well Vlahovic is performing in a top league at such a young age and if you are unsure about his playstyle I think a decent comparison is Erling Haaland.

Similarly to Haaland, Vlahovic is a large 6’3” striker who loves a goal and has speed despite his size. His pace would help him fit into the Spurs team perfectly as the likes of Hojbjerg and Skipp could play through balls for him to run on to down the channels all day long.

He also has great aerial ability so after Son, Bergwijn, Moura or Gil have gone down the wing, they will actually have someone to cross to, which has been missing in pre-season.

Vlahovic has been linked to Tottenham multiple times over the last month, and, right now with the Kane debacle currently ongoing, it would be a very smart move to sign Vlahovic no matter the outcome.

If Kane does stay then Vlahovic could play beside the Englishman in a formation with two strikers. With Paratici currently hunting down another striker, it looks as though Nuno wants to play a two striker formation.

While it may take some adjusting to for Kane, Vlahovic is used to playing alongside a number nine. On top of that, Vlahovic would learn a lot next to a world-class striker, therefore, his development could even exceed the expectations of Tottenham supporters.

After a bit of improvement, Vlahovic will be free to play by himself or with someone other than Kane if the England captain leaves. This makes Spurs much more flexible over the decision of whether to sell Kane.

The other way this pans out is that Vlahovic is signed as a replacement for Kane. Due to the lack of adequate strikers on the market, if Tottenham were to replace him this is easily one of the best options that are available.

Whether he starts alongside Kane, replaces him, or is the backup, Vlahovic is most definitely worth the money.

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