Opinion: Five players who were beyond awful for Tottenham against Brighton

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

This list could almost contain every single player who featured for Spurs today in the embarrassing defeat to Brighton, but I have singled out five who I believe were beyond awful.

Eric Dier –

Came in to solidify the midfield and the defence, but ended up chasing the ball like a headless chicken for the first 45 minutes. The ball bounced off his limbs without any composure, his passes were misplaced, and he offered nothing to the game as a whole. Looked better once he was moved out of the way in the second half.

Ben Davies –

At fault for the second goal as he failed to beat his man to the ball. All he seemed to do today was give the ball away and boot it downfield without any precision or point. Dreadful game from the left-back.

Christian Eriksen –

In this kind of game, Spurs needed someone to retain the ball and pull the strings to calm things down and create chances for the likes of Kane and Son. However, Eriksen just drifted through the match yet again without having any impact. Why he is still starting, I have no idea.

Moussa Sissoko –

Another one to add to the list of players who can’t be trusted upon to consistently play at right-back. In fairness to Sissoko and Sanchez, it is not their position, but the former still has to be highlighted today for his performance. Let the Brighton wingers in behind and past him time and time again.

Hugo Lloris –

I wish Hugo well and hope he comes back as soon as possible. However, unfortunately it was Hugo’s huge mistake in the first two minutes that started Spurs on the road to defeat. Perhaps if Tottenham had felt their way into the game without conceding they could have gone on to win, but we will never know.

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  1. This is all lLevey’s doing.. Not backing posh in summer. Just look at Leicester. The players Tottenham should have bought . Tottenham will nover Sucssed whilst Enic are in charge .No way out of this mess until whole of defence is replaced and additions made to midfield.

    Sorry about spelling.


  2. So you say these five but leave out Kane who sorry but he was the invisible man today. Son who huffed and puffed but did little. Lamela who spent the who game running and passing backwards. To be honest Dier for his first game did try so did davies they were both poor but they did more than most. Sissoko never stopped running all day and for effort alone he was our best player. Moura for all the time he had was our biggest danger man who every time he got the ball tried to make something happen. Terrible performance and for me unless poch goes it will only continue as he looks like he cares as much about the team as eriksen does.

    • I totally agree with you about Kane, he has done nothing up front but hide behind Son. He has missed some good chances, take the penalties away his open play goals are few. Not saying he is not a good player but he also needs to wake up .


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