Opinion: Five reasons why Troy Parrott should be given a chance up front for Spurs

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Since finding out Son is out injured for the long-term, some Spurs fans have been thinking of alternatives to start up top for the club.

The only striker anywhere near the first-team squad at the moment is Troy Parrott, so it makes the most sense to give him the job, or at least a chance to impress.

Obviously, he is young, very young, and at 18-years-old is also full of potential. However, Mourinho has stated that he does not feel Parrott is ready for such a step up (Football London).

Despite this, Mourinho and Spurs did not loan him out during January, so surely he must have Troy lined up for some minutes?

Of course, with such a young player, there are always positives and negatives.

Here are 5 reasons why Troy should be leading the line:

Training –  Troy has been training with the first-team squad for a while now. He should know how other attacking players move and, unlike a new signing, he may not need a settling in period.

Experience – He would potentially have the role for the rest of the season. Let that sink in, the REST OF THE SEASON. Rather than having Lucas or Alli chopping and changing in the striker position, Troy could be consistently up front. This would give him a chance to settle into the role, all the while knowing that the position will still be his even if he has a bad game.

Tanganga – This could also be a similar situation as Tanganga. He came from the outer fringes and is now an important player in the first team. This could be the opportunity that Parrott needs and Japhet is a prime case that shows the potential benefits.

Popularity –  This could win over some anti-Jose fans. The majority of online comments I have seen are desperate to see Parrott in the starting XI. The fans also wouldn’t get on Parrott’s back if he had some negative performances as he is “one of our own” and not much has been expected of him as he has been thrown in at the deep end.

Harry Kane – It is worth remembering that when Harry Kane made his debut in the 2013/14 season, no-one outside of Spurs knew who he was. Six years later, he is potentially the greatest Premier League striker we have ever had. While it is unlikely that Parrott will follow exactly in these footsteps, he has to start somewhere and with being the only fit striker, now is as good a time as any.

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