Opinion: Five things we learned from the embarassing loss against Brighton

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Tottenham Hotspur followed up on their humiliating loss in the Champions League to Bayern Munich with an equally embarrassing performance against Brighton today.

Spurs would have been looking to silence their critics away from home in the Premier League, but got off to the worse possible start after a Hugo Lloris error led to a goal in the first two minutes.

Brighton went on to dominate the game and demolish Spurs in terms of possession, chances, and most importantly, goals.

Here are the five things we learned from the match:

Poch may be in trouble – 

As much as I want him to stay, Pochettino may find it difficult to wriggle his way out of this one. The players have lost their confidence and belief and seem to be struggling to get out of the ever-deepening slump they find themselves in. Will Levy be tempted by a change of manager?

The players need to take some blame –

Pochettino has been the one singled out in the media and on social media this season, but I’m not sure what more he could have done today. He named a strong team with some fresh legs and was let down by awful performances all over the pitch. At some point, you do have to say that there is only so much a good manager can do with players who are not playing for him.

They’re gone –

It looks as if the Spurs players have lost their heads. I don’t know who wants to be there and who just isn’t good enough anymore. I’m just not seeing the drive and effort that I am so used to seeing from a Spurs team under Pochettino.

Dier is not the answer –

Some Spurs fans on Twitter may have named Eric Dier as the answer to Tottenham’s defensive problems this week, but the midfield man dropped a zero out of ten performance today in my opinion. He is too slow, not good enough on the ball, and has little to no influence on the game.

Big changes –

Whatever happens this season, I think Spurs need huge changes to the squad. The crop of stars that Poch started this journey with are done now. They are past their best. We need to bring in some new top-class players to drive the latest wave, or risk dropping back into mediocrity in the Premier League.

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  1. ‘I’m not sure what more he could have done today’…really? Here’s 2 things at least for you. He played 3 centre backs for the last hour when we need to score 3. He could have pushed Dier back into the midfield and allowed Eriksen and Winks to play in a more advanced role. He brought Lucas on after 70 mins again far too late and took off Son! Instead of Lamela, Eriksen or Dier who were all truly awful. Lucas had the best 2 attempts on target of the whole game (out of only 3). All this is the managers fault. But as usual Spurs fans have their heads stuck so far up Poch’s arse they can’t see that he is not good enough. Sad to say but he has to go. Villas Boas was sacked for less!


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