Opinion: Five things we learned from Tottenham’s loss to Dinamo Zagreb

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur took a 2-0 lead to Croatia needing just a goal to kill the tie. In the end, they walked away 3-0 losers and got knocked out of the competition.

Let’s take a look at the five things we learned:

Out of the competition – Need we say any more than that?

Mourinho under pressure – Out of the Europa League. Out of the FA Cup. Eighth in the Premier League. A final to come against what looks like an unbeatable Man City. Mourinho is under as much pressure as a manager can be.

Awful, awful, awful – Tottenham should have gone out there on the front foot, knowing that one goal would completely finish the tie. Not only that, you’d think that the players would want to make a point after the woeful showing against Arsenal. Instead, they walked around, created nothing and looked awful. Shocking.

Lo Celso return – The Argentine is back. He finally made his first appearance since getting injured way back in December. Lo Celso instantly gave us a little more creativity, quality and bite in the centre of the pitch. Having him back will be beyond valuable for the rest of the season. However, at the moment, it feels like a very dull silver lining.

Tanganga knocking on the door – Surely, if Mourinho really sees Tanganga as a right-back, the youngster should now be getting opportunities. Doherty and Aurier have both put in horror shows in the past week, so shouldn’t Tanganga get a chance by default? Something needs to be done to shake up the right-back position and get the lads playing/fighting.

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  1. Jose it looks like you will apologising after every game?
    In all honesty an apology is not enough after such a game. If you can call it that. It is not the first time either.
    To me it looks like the team don’t want to play your way anymore. No team plays the way we did without a reason?


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