Opinion: Goodbye, Danny Rose – A farewell to a Tottenham legend

Danny Rose
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On Thursday 27th May, Tottenham announced that Danny Rose would be leaving the club.

By no way a surprise, but it does mark the end of an era for a player who joined Tottenham from Leeds in 2007, and went on to be one of the, if not the best left-backs in the Premier League during the peak of his powers.

Bursting on to the scene with “THAT goal against Arsenal” on his debut – to the iconic pictures with a beer in hand at the end of the Ajax game – Rose was always a player in the hearts of Tottenham fans.

Rose leaves with 214 club appearances (Transfermarkt), a low return for the years spent at the club – but with 10 goals and 29 assists in that time, which is a fantastic return for a defender.

Controversial at times with his notorious comments about Googling players and Spurs players being underpaid (Sun), he found himself at loggerheads with the club in recent years, and then with Jose replacing Poch, found game time harder to come by.

Rose was eventually seen as someone who had to be pushed to the youth teams to see out his contract, or on loan to Newcastle, so he couldn’t be a negative influence on the first team.

However, even on his last day of employment, Rose didn’t sail off into the sunset but instead went to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, where some of the youth set up were playing, and spent time giving them advice from a veteran players perspective.

They are not the actions of someone with contempt in his heart.

People will choose to remember Rose personally in their own way, whether it’s about Milan, Googling or the chips being better up North.

However, for me, he was a major player in a time in which I felt most connected to Spurs.

Similar to Vertonghen heading off last year, they are not headline-grabbers, but players who I have adored through their love and commitment to the club, and the memories I will always have thanks to their contributions.

No trophies to show for it, but at times it almost felt like it. This season, I wanted nothing more than to see a Walker/Rose overload to reminisce about the nightmares they gave our competition for those couple of years.

Thank you Danny for your service over the years, sorry for the way it has ended, and all the best for your next chapter.

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  1. I concur, I’ve always liked Danny Rose.. he always wore his ‘heart on his sleeve’ and for me was the best LB / LWB we’ve had for decades.
    How Ben “Run down the wing check and pass back, coz I can’t beat a man” Davies.. ever took Danny’s place is an absolute disgrace.

    In the modern game RB and LB or wingback position are crucial and we’ve struggled ever since we let Walker go (couldn’t be helped) the stupidly let Tripps go too.. for peanuts.

    A lot of money was spent on Reguilon who aside from a good couple of first games has been awful and his supposed attack threat has been looking very much like ‘check back’ Davies of recent.

    Glowing comments from the youth players about him can only lead me to believe it was the comments about the pay that caused the fall out. Levys tight arsed ways being challenged. Dannys comments might we’ll have caused discontentment “in the dressing room” but it’s common knowledge that Spurs underpay.

    We could have well done with Danny in the squad the last couple years and it’s so sad to see a player who gave the best years of his career to us, leave like this. We’ve treated him like shit. Even his song was shit.
    Bye Danny all the best for the future. Thanks for everything.


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