Opinion: Has the new stadium hindered our ability to progress as a club?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Our new stadium is one of, if not the most, impressive stadiums in Europe, however, I believe that in the long run the construction of our new ground will hinder our on-field progress.

We are all very aware by now that Daniel Levy runs this club with profits as the main priority, which to an extent I can accept. The change of stadium decision was based purely on the basis that long term it would massively increase the clubs profitability.

White Hart Lane, for me, was an absolutely wonderful stadium I always felt at home there and it gave me some of my most cherished memories.

Most fans will agree that one of the last things that the club needed was to improve upon the stadium. It was not the biggest and was never the shiniest but it was ours and the fans loved it.

Plans for the new stadium commenced many years before the actual building of it, however, the actual construction could have not come at a worse time.

Construction commenced in 2015 which was the year that Leicester so famously won the league (Wikipedia). At this point the team was filled with talent young and old, as well as having a manger who was backed by the fans and players.

From here most would agree that at this point it was our time to make the finishing touches to the team and really push on. However, instead, we poured around £850m plus into the new stadium.

This also gave Levy an excuse when it came to the lack of funding that would follow over the next couple of years, with Tottenham being the only club in the Premier League to not buy a player for a whole summer window.

Clubs such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, who we want to be competing with, have prioritised other areas such as recruitment instead of new stadiums.

Manchester City were the latest club to move stadium out of the previously mentioned four, moving into The Etihad in the 2003/04 season.

This shows that, as nice as a new stadium is, it is not essential for success but could be seen as more of a luxury.

The allure of millions of pounds coming into the club through naming rights, increased ticket sales and more was all too much for Levy to ignore instead of putting to money into the real money maker which would be a top-quality squad.

I do love the new stadium and think that financially it will benefit long term however the timing of it to me was just awful. We were so close to pushing on and becoming a title-challenging side, however, just as this came to fruition the club was drained of all money.

I hope we see the benefits of a stadium upgrade soon but, as it stands I would say it has seriously hindered our abilities to push on and cement ourselves as a serious club.

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