Opinion: How Eric Dier could be used by Mourinho to solve striker crisis


Tottenham Hotspur are struggling up front with injuries to Heung-min Son and Harry Kane in North London, with no other recognisable natural option at the club.

Lucas Moura and Steven Bergwijn are wasted in lone striker positions when they are so effective as tricky and talented wingers.

Dele Alli appears to be lacking form and confidence, as well as perhaps the physicality needed to act as a centre-forward target man.

If we cast our minds back to Mourinho’s Manchester United days, we can recall him going through a similar problem in certain matches, as he desired a big target man.

At Old Trafford, Mourinho decided to convert Fellaini into a towering target man to lump the ball to up front as a plan B. Could Spurs do the same with Dier?

I would argue that Dier’s hopes of breaking into the first team as a consistent starter in midfield or defence are numbered, and his Spurs career is coming to an end.

So, could Mourinho utilise him as a striker for the time being? My argument would be to play Dier as a target man and Bergwijn and Moura either side.

This would give players a big-man to aim for, with Dier then knocking the ball down to the more creative players high up the pitch.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the Special One needs to try something different. The defence need an out ball and the attackers need a focal point to play off.

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  1. Worth a try, if Dier has the distribution skills and can hold up play when required. Otherwise, there must surely be a designer striker out of contract out there looking for a job.

  2. It must be worth a try. Drier is very adaptable and he might even win another contract !
    I doubt that Mourinho will do it but we cannot go on like this as we will just peter out to a sad end.
    We still have so much to play for and if we could qualify for Europe it will be easier to sign and pay better players.
    In the past Jose has spent fortunes rather than develop from within or find bargains. Do we really want tired Chelsea cast-offs ?
    Playing Dier up front may just be the key to making a team.


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