Opinion: I believe this Tottenham announcement was disgusting and disrespectful

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Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur signed Kieran Trippier back in 2015 for £3.5m from Burnely, at a time when Kyle Walker had made the number two jersey his own (Guardian).

Despite clearly being an understudy to his Spurs teammate, Tripps never once complained or took his foot off the pedal.

When his chance came, with Walker looking for an exit, Trippier stepped up and never looked back, taking Kyle out of the team.

Tripps pushed on and earned a well-deserved call-up for England, even starring as one of the best players at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

After four years at Spurs, Trippier left for Atletico Madrid yesterday (BBC) with 114 appearances under his belt (Wikipedia), just a few months after representing the Lilywhites in the Champions League final.

It would seem that this kind of service over a number of years is worth a hearty congratulations, however, the Spurs announcement was far from this.

Tottenham’s external appreciation of Trippier’s time at the club boiled down to three short sentences on the club website, with a compilation video being posted later on Twitter.

You would think that someone at Spurs could have muddled together a couple of meaningful paragraphs about Tripps’ time at the club and his contributions through the years.

If this is how we outwardly thank a player who has spent four years at the club, I for one am disappointed and a little disgusted.

The statement read (Tottenham): ‘We have reached an agreement with Atletico Madrid for the transfer of Kieran Trippier. The right-back joined us from Burnley in the summer of 2015 and made 114 appearances for us in all competitions. We wish Kieran all the best for the future.’

Meanwhile, Trippier, in the midst of his big move, was able to pen some meaningful words down on Instagram: ‘THANK YOU. I’ve met some amazing people at @spursofficial many of whom I now call my friends. To the Tottenham fans from around the world – you’ve been amazing. The support you’ve shown me and the team took us to new heights, and with the new stadium, I have no doubt that the team and fans have many exciting times ahead! Wish everyone at the club nothing but the best ⚪ #spurs #thankyou’

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  1. He deserved more from The spurs write up
    He did well for Spurs
    As good as a the others ,!!!! But fans just look for someone to moan about and at times pick at anyone. ,!!!

  2. Complain about anything nowadays you miserable set of cunts. Trips left, move on. What do you want spurs to do? Take out a page in a daily to thank every player who leaves???

  3. Why are the majority of your posts negative towards the club you pro-port to support? Most of what you write is pure fiction.

    • If you think the majority are negative then you clearly are not a regular reader. I love writing pieces about players doing well and Levy/Poch masterclasses, but I am also happy to point out the shortcomings. I don’t know why people think that poiting out a failure makes you a bad supporter. Sitting there blindly and calling this a great transfer window makes you a bad supporter because nothing will ever change.

  4. He didn’t write that post he even tagged spurs the basketball team not us it was a break up that needed to be made tripper was a product of poch being a great fullback coach not the other round

  5. I think that the words disgusting and distasteful are over the top. Spurs statements normally are “factual”.

    Enough said.

  6. I sure appreciate what Tripps contributed at Tottenham during his time at the club, but football fans need a reality check they really do. Football is no longer a sport it is a top business investure, and has been for many years since the money people took over. Players are now mere commodities, tools of the trade. The players/agents realise this fact and hence their demands in any transfer dealings being their only outlet. The fans need to realise this fact also, clubs no longer think of the loyal fans anymore as long as they keep moving through the turn stiles, their entrance fees just a small financial part of the clubs workings compared to the overall running of the club. So we the fans will say thank you and goodbye to players leaving while owners/money folk say good business and move on, hard fact of life and not very pleasant unfortunately.

  7. I’m not sure what more you would want the club to add. They’ve thanked him for his services and wished him well so what more should be said?

    He was a massive liability for us for most of last season defensively and yes we had a fantastic season but we didn’t win anything to make a song and dance on Trippier leaving.

    • Put it this way, if Danny Rose left and Spurs gave him three short sentences, people would be in uproar. Just a bit of respect and a nice touch online would be good

      • But the difference Seb is that Trippier isn’t Danny Rose who in my opinion isn’t worthy of the adulation a great servant of the club like Ledley King who is a proper example of a player totally committed to Spurs and is now a club ambassador.

        • What I would argue is there shouldn’t be levels on each player. If they pull on the shirt and put the effort in for four years, they deserve a nice farewell, that’s all I’m asking. It took me 10 minutes to write this article, it would have taken Spurs 30 seconds to write their goodbye announcement.

          • Depends on the circumstances of the transfer Seb.

            I’m sure you wouldn’t have endorsed the club wishing Sol Campbell well despite being with the club for 12 years to then go to Arsenal.

            Or Teddy Sheringham and Berbatov who left to join Man. United.

            Trippier was a decent player for us and left on good terms but the club for me don’t have to give him a glossy farewell.

            I certainly wouldn’t go as far as using the word disgusting on how the club treated Trippier.

  8. I guess you missed the part where “classy” trippier used the wrong link when tagging Spurs in his post? Originally, he had “@spurs” which is the American basketball team San Antonio Spurs Twitter link, instead of “spursofficial” which is the club’s. What a fucking gaffe from such a dedicated, intelligent, obviously wronged shit back like trippier.

    Fucking crybaby, Seb. Your opinion pieces are becoming shite.

    • Lol, thanks Dustin. I’m not sure screwing up a tag is quite the same thing, but glad to hear you’re a fan of my work :)

  9. Perhaps we didn’t want him to go? his wife has be touting herself around Europe for 2 months looking at schools. Hardly respectful when under contract.

  10. Maybe he shouldn’t have sent his wife out openly scouting for for places to live when he was under contract? That’s disrespectful

  11. I agree with most ppl. Why do we need to do anything more. He came from Burnley we faced him an opportunity send paid him well for it. Hes moving on and the team wished him well. What more needs to be done? I think this is a non story

  12. I always though really highly of Kieran Trippier, stood up for him even whilst he was so heavily criticised last season – and so often I thought of rather unfairly – I honestly did not want us to sell him on, despite believing we would anyway and which proved to be the case. But having read Tottenham’s statement I seriously wonder what you are bleating about? Granted it wasn’t loaded with syrup or overly sentimental, but neither was it disrespectful, disgusting or antagonistic in anyway. It was simply a short concise, and factual statement that ended in wishing the departing player well in the future, I think you are making a fuss quite frankly about nothing! Your tears are pointless I’m afraid!


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