Opinion: Is the idea of a full Spurs rebuild just wishful thinking?

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There has been lots of talk amongst Tottenham fans recently about the notion of a full-scale rebuild at the club.

This rebuild is centred around the appointment of a new manager, whoever that may be. However, I personally look at the idea of a rebuild with great scepticism.

A rebuild comes on two fronts; investment and patience. In relation to the first point, I think we can agree as a collective that investment is something that has been lacking for many years.

This is also something that I do believe will continue to be neglected by the Spurs hierarchy, although I would love to be proven wrong.

To be able to bring in young and exciting talent, we need to be ruthless in our transfer market business. This means fighting off other clubs to the signatures of top European talents who are highly sought after.

This requires massive backing financially, with owners seeing their money as an investment rather than just a hole in their pocket.

Unfortunately, someone with the business savvy mind of Levy can be aware of the risks that come with these investments and may be more cautious than we would hope.

Now onto patience; the club is coming up to 13 years now since their last major trophy (Last Won A Trophy). Therefore, I think it is completely reasonable and understandable that every single person involved with this club has run out of patience.

Furthermore, from what I have seen, Spurs fans have been greatly underestimating the time needed for a full-scale rebuild. Rebuilds can take many years not just two or three years but at least four, five, maybe more. One need only look at Liverpool under Klopp.

Are we really ready to potentially go through another half-decade of trophyless years for a rebuild that we are not sure will even work, let alone if it would be backed by Levy and co.?

In cases of clubs like West Ham, their rebuild has worked wonders. Over the last year with the appointment of Moyes and key additions to their squad they have exceeded all expectations this season.

We must remember though that West Ham have been a club in disarray for years now and have gone through some of their toughest periods to get to where they are now.

With Tottenham being a bigger club with higher expectations among the fan base, I can guarantee that we would not be willing to go through the emotional torment that they have gone through over the last 5-10 years.

I am completely aware that Mourinho is not living up to current expectations, however, I do stand by the fact that if you want a trophy in that cabinet soon, he is the man to do that for us.

I would take a trophy this season over anything; if that means we underperform in the league, I’m willing to let that slide.

I think our first and immediate priority should be silverware and from that point onwards we can look into a more sustainable long term solution.

These talks of a full-scale rebuild, I know, are based on pure optimism, however, I still believe that they are nothing more than a fantasy. Unfortunately, these rumblings will most likely never materialise into the plan that we dream of.

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