Since Mourinho has become head coach of Spurs, several players have been linked to signing for Spurs in the January window. One key name in particular is Zlatan Ibrahimović (Telegraph). He was once a world-class, striker but does he still have enough to play for Spurs?

There are many things to consider before beginning to even think if he would be a good transfer for Spurs. Positively, he is a great target man, he will hold the ball well, and is a good finisher. He will also surely be revered by many of the Tottenham squad. Some are likely to have grown up idolising Zlatan and that can only act as a boost to the team.

However, an issue would be that if Zlatan signed, he will want to play. He won’t displace Harry in the team and will not be able to play a number 10 role with Alli or Lo Celso likely to take those places. He also does not possess much in the way of pace, so would need the ball in the air or to feet constantly.

I would like to see him play the last 20 minutes of each game. He is someone that could come off the bench if we were looking for a result and provide a focal point and afford space to another attacking player. However, it is unlikely he would relish that role.

Of course, a big name like Ibrahimović would require a big pay packet. If he was to sign, I think it would be an 18-month deal maximum and surely the money coming in from shirt sales and similar incomings would be enough to put a reasonable dent in his wage demands.

If Spurs were to sign Ibrahimović, then it is likely that Parrott would go out on loan. A team like Leeds would be ideal, highly placed in the Championship. Parrott would then not have the pressure of having to succeed in a team fighting for Champions League qualification and would be a regular starter.

Mourinho claimed in his press conference this week that there was no chance of Zlatan linking back up with him at Spurs, and I have to say that I believe this to be the correct decision.

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