Opinion: It confuses me how some Spurs fans do not rate Harry Winks

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It seems to me like Harry Winks always gets a lot of stick from a select number of Spurs fans on social media for the way he plays the game.

Many people accuse him of only being able to pass backwards or sideways and I think this is a completely unfair summary of his game.

The position that Winks plays has long since been underrated and underappreciated by fans, with the likes of Michael Carrick and Sergio Busquets springing to mind as examples.

These players are in the team to win the ball and recycle it, constantly keeping the opposition moving no matter what.

When Spurs come up against stubborn defences, you need to have a linchpin in the centre of the park to keep moving the ball from side to side until some space is found in behind down one of the wings.

It isn’t a glamorous job by any means, but I believe that Harry Winks is adding more and more to his game by the month.

He is a player who does the simple passing without fault, which he gets seems to get moaned at for, but also has that quality to mix it up when the space or chance presents itself.

Time and time again you can see him bursting through the lines with the ball at his feet or passing a positive driven ball into the feet of Harry Kane.

People seem to forget that Winks is not there to score goals or even rack up assists, he is there to keep that ball moving and to find the likes of Eriksen in the pockets when they appear.

While the stats may not flatter him, if you watch him week in week out, he is one of Tottenham’s best players.

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  1. I guess that I am in the fan-group that has not been impressed by his play to date… and it is NOT due to comparing him to Spur players in other positions (not scoring, etc). If you compare Winks to other defensive midfielders with WhoScored (certainly not the definitive source, but at least not as subjective as your eye-ball test)… he ranks 43rd out of the 66 DMC’s who have played at least 2 games in the Top-5 leagues. And that is based on tackling, intercepting, fouling, passing, etc. That is not very impressive in my book. I love his effort… but I certainly hope he isn’t one of the Spurs best players.


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