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Over the past several years, Tottenham Hotspur has undergone a series of managerial changes and currently has an obvious lack of long-term direction.

So, I thought it would be interesting to write about where I see the club in five years’ time?

During the 2016/17 season, we came as close as we have ever been to a Premier League title, finishing second behind Chelsea on 86 points. I know what you’re thinking, it feels like a lifetime ago now.

At the time, it felt like we were really pushing on. A core of young English talent, one of Europe’s most exciting managers and a new stadium on the way; it really felt like we had a plan in place for the future.

This felt much needed after years of chopping and changing managers. However, since that season, it feels as if we have been on a steady decline.

Despite the Champions League fine;l papering over the cracks, we had lost that clear sense of direction and Poch’s sacking was the final nail in the coffin of that so-called golden era.

Mourinho came in, and despite the name bringing excitement and expectation, it never really worked out and the club’s lack of direction only then continued to spiral emphasised by a dire managerial search.

I think we all knew Nuno was never the right solution, and the appointment just made no sense whatsoever. Nothing about Nuno matched with the club.

However, we do now have Conte. An incredible manager who has brought some life back into the club. Life I haven’t felt in the club since Poch’s time.

However, Conte is not known to stick around long. With Levy in charge and Conte’s history, the partnership may not last long.

So, what do I predict?

I think Conte will bring success and will oversee a much-needed rebuild at the club. One which has been spoken about since we lost the champions league final and ultimately destroyed everything Poch created.

I think he will help us to return to the Champions League places and finally end our long trophy drought with a domestic cup.

However, I think by the end of 2022/23, he will be gone.

Now call it the romantic in me, but I then believe Poch will return home to finish what he started. He has spoken on many occasions of his love for Spurs and his desire to one day return to the club. I see the beginning of the 2023/24 season being that time.

I believe he will return revitalised, to a stable Spurs side who are back in the Champions League. Dane Scarlett will be the main man, and Romero would have blossomed into one of the world’s best centre backs.

I then think he will finish what he started and bring the club its first Premier League in the 2024/25 season, cementing himself as Spurs’ best ever manager.

One can dream, right? Let me know where you think Spurs will be over the next couple of years.

Come On You Spurs!

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